Seven - Simple Living Centers

2nd Center - Love or Honor Neighbor

Charity is pure love, received from a divine source in our forth or heart center. This center of life deals with issues of relationships, proper use of authority, money and intimacy, and bonding and trust. Are we open to learning what we need to receive? Are we developing creative projects in the community and home that share the views of male and female views - Working together, and honoring one another is a basic principle that can bring energy and health and wonderful creations. Covenants with God and personal integrity in our relations bring spiritual power, health, trust, bonding, sealing, and direction to our souls. Living within the bounds of our temple covenants can bring strength and direction to the proper use of these powers. Integrity between body and spirit and the laws of the land and covenants we make - bring the three parallel powers of light and truth, with males powers and female powers becoming a complimentary effort in receiving a  higher good. Do we understand the difference between relations with God directed by divinely directed love and  sexual relations between two people? 

1st Center of Life

This is our connection to the earth and all mankind. The base of our spine and legs standing on the earth. Our foundation. The powers of adversity have been able to hurt of supplies of healthy food, water, and air, but within us is intelligence to discover new ways to discern what foods will heal, what we need to replenish the earth.  What healthy traditions to we want to keep from our families and which need to be consciously left alone and do not serve our health or purpose. Choosing living foods we know we need brings strength to us and the earth. What is  our relationship with the earth and how to we treat this planet? This first level of consciousness can become brighter and brighter and is a test before we can often have higher levels of life and awareness. Are we willing to be different than our tribe or community of support and lead them? Are we willing to let go of the rational world and open our eyes to a divine order - not of this earth.  


Frequently Asked Questions.

What about genetics?

We have personal issues and issues given to us from past generations through our genetic history. Realizing much comes to us  from others, for both good and bad, we can learn to receive help from those who have passed on,and  from a divine higher power that can cleanse us of generational ills. We can find a divine journey in learning and life. Our educations become a path of change and learning. 

All we need comes - We can unblock the heavens


Are our homes investments and designed and landscaped as such, or are they a house of learning, a house of faith, and house ordered after the seven centers of life? Moment by moment we can learn to get out of fear or depressed feelings into light and peace -centered. 

Celestine Prophecy.

Some parents may use tools like this. I choose to simplify this language to the language of the scriptures, but it can be helpful. Nevertheless, an insightful film for older youth. Trailer click here.