Simple Ideas for the Home

Four season gardens

Did you know sprouting can grow the nutritional needs you have in the kitchen? See Living Foods on this site and find Agi's free book. Interested in growing outside year around- even in the snow? See Four Season Gardening.  

Learn to create LIVING FOODS

Interested in a Free LIVING FOODS book. See the MORE tab about. All rights have been given to us to let you use this book, but not sell it. Thank you Agi. My gifted Living Foods teacher that teaches like Jesus would teach. A reminder. Emotions drive food choices. Once we process negative emotions and get to positive emotions, we are enlightened or revealed what living foods help us continue to heal.

Home Energy Management

 Attach some simple passive greenhouses to your home. Create a Christmas tree greenhouse. It is 20 degrees outside when the greenhouse is 100 degrees with this simple $25 dollar creation. I have some sessions on oxygen in the home, air quality, humidity issues, and filtering that will be coming in newsletters. 

Start Cooperative Purchasing

Be open to working with neighbors to start cooperative buying of bulk items together. Start a neighborhood micro-loan program for neighbors in need. 

Listen to one another, within and above, and see what emerges from informal and formal councils. Many of these just happen and it is a wonder to see this unfold. 

Start a local musical to foster cooperation and working together. 

Neighborhood Farmers Market

A Day a week have a swap meet or exchange time. Create a newspaper just for your neighborhood bartering. Start a musical in the neighborhood with everyone interested. 

Display their FAQs

Openness, integrity and men and women working together can guide this effort. Learn the power of building trust, keeping to simple guiding principles.