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Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph SmithTwo separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith


Kingdom of God ... within. 

Inner Transition comes first-a call to consecration

Seven Centers within all of us - to access the history of mankind and connect us.


The seven centers are found in the two great commandments and all major religions in one form or another. We can learn to live in the "present" or some say divine Presence and receive all we need as we surrender to receiving wholehearted love from God , and choosing a  path to the highest good. Council workshops are an hour each week or hold them with others and share with us what you are learning..., together we learn and share  a path reaching toward complete integrity within  as we learn together and explore how each center of life works in wondrous individual ways. These are typically simplified into one of three emotional - spiritual states. 1. Peace or centeredness- 2. fear or some form of anger and stress. 3. Numb, or depressed emotions that  cause us to feel weakened. 

Simple Living Centers


Spiritual-emotional connections between our bodies and spirits. The Kingdom within, seeking to be parallel to your simple religious beliefs and parallel to inspired community efforts. A fulness of life. As life tests us in each of these areas, we come to discover our work or purpose in life. To discover the unique work we each have. 

This is not a work that we "Plan" can carry out like some factory order, but  work we each receive in our own way and own time. Perhaps the opposite of Simple Living Centers would be words like "dust" unconsciousness, or "group thinking." Here is a film a student in Taiwan shared with me on Group Think. For high school age children.   Click here. The WAVE

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Depressed -- Peaceful -- Fearful


Through everyday life we are in one of these three states each moment. We can learn to seek to let peace and learning truth guide us. To find inner peace we can explore - receiving what comes and changing our views or language, using the power we find in quiet contemplation. Our temples are within. Simple Living Centers are intended to have rooms for quiet reflection and inner learning. Start by creating such a room in your home. The home is perhaps the most underutilized center for learning in our world. We can create a new generation of homes of life, learning and love that we receive for one another. We can expand these for neighborhoods.



Are we in anger or fear?Learn to listen within, and be guided to new views of life. Our ancestors and the universe can assist us, as we clear unhealthy patterns of the past, and past generations, and create a healthy life and future for our children. 

Centered in Peace


Learning to listen within to the living centers within you is a great experience in life, in fact a key to health and life. Listen for questions you may need to ask yourself. As you learn your lessons in life, you receive more and more light and truth. All that you need comes to you to fulfill your work on the earth. 

When we are not at peace and in one of these other states - we may often fall into forms of addictions - to processed foods, over work, excessive health efforts, or whatever. 

Peace and humility bring a balance we can not create on our own.  Our language and emotions can open a new way to see everything we experience and read. 

What does guided by inner peace mean to you? We can be fooled at times, but with a full understanding and more sure guidance in councils, we can find inner peace. This is both a process for families, for neighborhoods, work settings or political settings. The process works - when we all discover inner peace and use our integrity within to get there in the right time. Be patient, there is a reason for the timing of all things. 

Depressed - numb or weak.


Complete integrity with being more aware of emotions and emotional family history  can guide us to learning and life. Learn how to teach these principles  with the hand.  Are we learning the lessons of life? Are we open to receive what we need. 

When at Peace all we need comes to us.

The Samaritan woman at the well. 

Symbolism: A language of the heavens.

In Christianity, the hexagram is the Creator's Star or Star of Creation. Its six points stand for th

Heaven teaches us in layers of understanding.

In Christianity, the hexagram is the Creator's Star or Star of Creation. Its six points stand for the six days of creation, and are also represent the six attributes of God: power, wisdom, majesty, love, mercy and justice.

The hexagram appears in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain art, symbolizing concepts such as creation, balance, and the cosmos.