Math of town transition for Provo: Seeds for a new economy

Economics of Change (pdf)


1100 mothers and youth in 2018

The power of simple cooperation

To lead change - become familiar with this website and start transitioning the language in your own home. What is the simple message or simple way to solve problems. What have we been given already, and what can we do ourselves. Share with one or two families and support them in transition. Consider talking to your local leaders or Bishop. and learn about the full blessing of consecration now. 

You may have links to share with the community. Email us.  I can imagine one family in every neighborhood starting to connect with others through the laws of attraction (see D&C 121). Once we have the 1% we will meet as a group or as smaller groups and legally select or elect a board and launch this work here. 

Economics of Transition: We need 1100 women and youth

For Anyone in your town.

As will may learn in the New Testament in the Book of Revelation, a system of the world will have great power over the world. A power centered in economic gain and control, in contrast to the simple ways of God. This fiscal model was given to me - whispered to me by John the Revelator while in the temple in the summer of 2010.

Plans have been given by the spirit to launch a campaign to transition your town to  local (primarily)  living food production. We are to run campaigns that will invite everyone to voluntarily donate 3 dollars a month per person 

This is a great "sell" to the community if done properly. So much wealth goes to a few rich outside our communities. Developing local production is a way to grow our local communities economically and have more control over our local food supply. 

In addition, for times of necessity or times of disruption - living foods can be simply produced in homes and communities to help everyone and have powerful healing abilities 

. #1  I have been given a fiscal model for seeding change. We have been asked to volunteer  $3 per person donation for supporting Simple Living Centers for all neighborhoods, and for supporting local food production- 90% managed by local neighborhood councils.  Major health issues can be managed with foods and herbs while being open to understanding our emotions and history. 

Economy of Transition

A new Vision for Real Estate Developers. 

As this movement grows the demand for homes set up to teach and be set up with equipment for home sprouting and living food production and energy production can grow. We will plan for a group of real estate developers to help educate the community about positive economics of this. 

Our plans are to start Habitat for Health, a sister organization to Habitat for Humanity. Working together, we can building these centers in neighborhoods around the world. We only need 1100 mothers and youth to help start this. It can growth as others see what we can do. We will need between 100,000 and 200,000 grass root supporters to launch this around the world and brand with organization as Habitat for Humanity. 

Two additional aspects of the fiscal model were given to me from John. 

The next fiscal plan given was for an new educational movement. I was told we are to have a barter or fiscal trade of a dollar a day for 8 weeks for classes set up for learning. Those who can not afford the dollar a day are able to trade from work for the community or council they are working with.   

The third fiscal key I was given in a micro loan program managed by neighborhood councils.

From here and in visiting with our bishops about the law of consecration, we become clearly in a state of surrendering to God, and able to discern his guidance in our inner guidance, verse the natural  man tendencies. 

Local fundraising - Local bartering

 Local councils manage micro loan programs for those in need and for supporting the educational needs of this transition.

To fund this educational movement, .. You are free to start one of these cooperative learning councils. 

For 8 weeks we learn together in Council Workshops held an hour each week. 

Miracles and Wonders can happen with this work.  In doing work like this through my career, I find everyone has something to contribute in some way and at some level.I envision elementary through high school and college age students can all develop their education with elements of these cooperative learning councils. A webpage is coming for more details. 

Councils are also to start a neighborhood micro loan program to help those in need - either with individualized education workshops, basic needs, or transition support. 

Review: Three keys

1. $3/month volunteer donation from the entire community. 90% stays local. 10% to Habitat for Health.

2. Barter system or $1/day for 8 week courses at hour a week. Group size may vary.   Develop a neighborhood economy

International Support A New Economy

Our food choices can foster a new fair trade and healthy economy. Your votes by what you buy can change the world. 

From the three dollar donation, ten percent or a penny a day goes to this International effort to help us learn from one another - creating a local food system around the world that is connected to helping one another. This token donation will likely ignite a spirit of cooperation and invite more major donors and those that consecrate their means. 

Neighborhood Council Workshops -

 Councils start in the family, learning about intuitive eating and agency based learning. An approach to education that can change the world, your world, and connect the world. Attract all we need in life.

The Gray Rhino dream: February 2018

I had  a tutorial dream of a distant gray rhino, that came closer down a mountain toward this valley, and then another closer and then one over my home, symbolic of a large wireless, systems that crashed sometime in the spring or fall. My sense was some early spring when the weather was nice. Here is what I learned after when I searched for gray Rhinos. Click here. 

A Fiscal System based on more Commonweath or Secret of Oz

A heavenly music regarding the Wizard of Oz stirred in my soul for sometime in 2010. I learned Frank Baun, the writer said this book just came to him from above. When depression hit America Frank found out why. He saw problems that would  come with making what he learned public. He decided to symbolically put what he learned into a fantasy book. Proceeds from the book provided for his family getting out of poverty and inspired the film.