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Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph SmithTwo separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

About Us

Alta Vista Education Centers

Education--means bringing  forth from within.  Visit our on line classroom 

Town Transition, a new way of life that starts in the Home.

For those who want to return to a simple higher simple way of life. Connecting to our higher self, and connecting to the earth. ...were all we need is provided as we discover and carry out our work on the earth.  

Food security for your community

Learn how to tip the consciousness of your home and communities to support this town wide movement of healthy food producing communities. with a local economy. low or no cost education, and way to help those in need. Learn how we can help develop and support  local CSA's . 

Site Content: All things coming together into one

Past Milestones


Envisioned in 1989, the Alta Vista Education Center

was completed in 1998. Learn of the Milestones and  and the line upon line development that unfolded for this inspired work. In the year 2000, came a powerful witness that these centers would start in the East and  would help feed nations, .This local model for neighborhood transition would inspire a new way of life, new visions of health care, and in time transition the economy of communities around the world.. 

Present Plans and Events


Founders: David and Sushin Cassani are pursuing plans  to return to Xihi Taiwan, and Haulein Taiwan.  - while seeking funds and a site for a (working farm- education center ) - in Independence, Missouri. 

Workshops are being developed in Mandarin and English on the language of health, and  Simple Living Centers for the  on line classrooms. Below are the three basic organizations and how they work with this movement. 

Future Plans:


Learn how a group of 100,000 women  and youth - the  angel start up team - are being called to united and lead  local  neighborhoods with home SLC movement. Plans are to create Habitat for Humanity, an international non profit effort - to assist communities in tipping to another way of life. This will be done by building Simple Living Centers in interested neighborhoods.- working with Habitat for Humanity. 

The Political Kingdom of God


How do neighborhood councils work? What is foreseen to bring this need and growth about? 

What did Joseph learn and how can we build on what he started. Why was it rejected by the people in his day? What message did Joseph and Emma have in   when they came  in 2010? How did President Monson help this work?

Simple Living Centers- the Kingdom within


Education---means to bring forth from within. 

Study the Kingdom of God within each of us.

Emotions are keys to understanding this Kingdom  Jesus said we should seek first this kingdom as on it lies the Law (political KIngdom) and the Prophets (Church kingdom)  What are the consequences of this inner work, what do most people resort to when they do not put this inner work first?

The Church led by Priests and Pr......


We learn in the last days the Lord would bring forth an organization before the second coming and from Isaiah we learn many would reject the simple ways of God just as the Jews rejected the plain and simple truths. We learn how God works with HIs children, ...that is as they reject the plain and simple ways... he then gives them complex ways that they may learn and stumble back to trust in His simple plain way.  Discover by your own revelation, how these three keys fit together in the temple, and were revealed to Joseph Smith in setting up the endowment. 

To: Priesthood Holders, Fathers and Bishops of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

From : Brother David Cassani

davidcassani1@mac.com. 1084 W 650 N. Provo, Utah 84601 818 213 8763

This letter is regarding a work that was revealed to be separate from the Church but come out of the Church and be parallel to it. Unlike the religious work of the Church - this work is a political and educational grass roots movement foreseen to be started by women and youth in the home. As you learn more about his , you can see how I believe this work was foreseen by the Prophet Joseph Smith, Isaiah and Ezekiel- necessary for us in these last days to assist us and our neighborhoods in starting an organization to help transition or tip entire communities to another - healthier way of life, a temporal salvation we may say. 

This is a work I have been shown - regarding how a small group of Saints can unite as community or neighborhood political leaders (Kings and Queens we might say) in small ways or more visible ways in starting a local and international movement to transition or tip entire communities to a new way of life - a new sustainable way of life. 

After receiving key pieces of this work in the year 2000, few believed me and I understand doubts you may have. I had many, yet could not doubt the heavenly power of the witnesses given. 

Many leaders in the Church and everyday members have shared revelations they have received regarding this work, but I will add it is not endorsed by the Church for wise reasons you will learn of. This website is intended to help the Saints find higher levels of trust in Divine guidance, as they enter new levels of consecration and obedience that we learn of in the temple. 

This Project is a cumulation of many years of added details to this work. At first.... I did not know entirely the full scope of what a parallel work to the Church was. Now I do. In 2010, added key pieces were given to me, and I was comforted when I learned in about 2015, how the same patterns of this work were foreseen by some in Church history.  I learned in Church history of a work that would come forth prior to the second coming - foreseen to come during "politically turbulent times". 

I learned of the political Kingdom of God and how it was revealed to the Prophet Joseph, and how the records were only recently released to the Church membership for publication - released just a few months after I sent my story to President Monson in August of 2010 having been given a Bishops blessing that President Monson would help me . 

This is work - that for me, has made sense of pieces of the endowment coming from a David on one side of the veil working with a John on the other side of the veil. A work that makes plain or simple -- the ways of God and brings new vision to what President Nelson has encouraged us...that is ... remodeling our homes in preparation for another higher more holy way of life.

I have been in many bishoprics and seen how many of other faiths or of no particular faith are cared for quietly by the Church. I have seen the Church team with other organizations. I believe bishops can see how this parallel work can assist them in raising our sights to more fully live the principles of the Gospel - and in caring for all the needy within ward boundaries. The Lord is bringing forth a heavenly organization working with an inspired earthly non profit organization that is intended to be started by Sisters and youth that receive witnesses of this work. It will make sense as you learn more ...why sisters are to start this.

Please feel free to contact me or email me regarding any questions or concerns. 


Brother Cassani

my story.