Learn how Joseph Smith revealed a work to bring the East and West into One Work

This page includes Mandarin Translations and some simplified slide shows of this unfolding wonder . 

David Cassani's testimony translated into Mandarin.

DavidSuhsinTestimony (pdf)


Descending and Ascending

In the slide show above, one of our first tests it to follow to crowd or trust we will find the healthy choices our bodies need. SLC 1. With righteous choices the light grows in this simple center of life. The next choice or test is to honor others. We are not just eating for ourselves, but we honor others as we make choices to be different and in essence we end up leading others through example or light and truth. As we continue to ascend we receive charity or the Love of God for others (SLC 4) . This is a love for all mankind, a love to bring the sealing powers of the body and spirit together,...a love beyond this earthly definition. This power ascends up to a higher will, trust in divine guidance beyond natural man tendencies.SLC 5.As we pass the tests of self will and choose a divine higher will to help an entire community progress, we are then given more light on how this occurs (SLC 6) and we are awaken to our specific purpose in this plan, or our work on the earth - with the Savior himself calling us to such a work, and always being ministered to ...to carry this work  out in whatever setting on earth we may find ourselves or be guided to. We see all the key relationships - with the emotional spiritual  and health connections the flow from these relationships. (SLC 7) 

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