Awaken to another way of life.

Listening within to the navel or center of the physical body


Learn to receive questions and ask questions with complete integrity

Learn to listen to the souls needs and listen for inspired questions to ask. What living foods do I need for some illness my body is struggling with? Create a language of open learning and life. Do I feel strength, stressed or asleep after eating a food. 

Living Food choices

Offer living food choices for your children. Help them tune into their needs by asking them which ones their body wants. Click here for more on Living. Here is a fun film to help teach your children. 

We have a language today that helps us visualize internal networks in our souls. We are  not one central processor, but 7 key computers all working together in a network, with the heavens and the earth to bring all we need in our journey of life. 

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Create a Simple Living Center

Your home can be a center of learning - life and love. Create a home with choices for children. Produce foods in the kitchen, garden or in containers.

Transition your Home

The vision for change will come. Check links on this website and see what others are doing around the world. Find your own unique contribution or work on this earth. 

Teaching with the Hand

Develop a simple way to teach these principles with the hand. Learn from others and share what you are learning. Listen to what your ancestors may want to say to  you. Learn to listen to the third center of the body. How do you feel after a meal. Asleep, awakened, fearful or stressed? You can listen and learn. Seven centers of  your higher self are like seven super computers. We just need to understand the basics of how they work. 

Frequently asked Questions.

What role do essential oils have with our health? These oils can work with emotional levels in the body and physical levels. We encourage the most honest vendors and invite you contributions. I believe this vendor operates with honesty in this market, this is not an MLM,  and serves others by keeping markups minimal. HONESTY ESSENTIALS

Living foods are plant based foods and herbs typically not processed or cooked over 115 F. This keeps the living enzymes the foods and enhances energy to the blood stream, and cleans the colon. Being guided and learning to listen to the body can bring us on a path to health and healing for ourselves and generations to come. 

The energy used to create living foods is significantly less than energy to cook foods. In times of disruption of energy or economies in the world, we can create homes and communities producing with little energy, some of the best foods and food "medicine" in the world. 

Food options - agency and difficult children.

This article is for mature parents with difficult children.  Simple ways to help build trust.:

This article deals with how critical foods can be for very angry children. It also high lights why attachment in early years and trust are so taught with the hand. Giving children the tools to heal can be vital. One key tools is their ability to heal by listening within themselves to healthy food choices - healthy living food choices. We may as parents be inspired to give them choices of particular living foods. This article does not emphasize the importance of them choosing by learning to listen within. My experience is that some parents feel they need to choose which foods the child needs. Offering a variety of choices so they can choose is helping them heal and reach within themselves to listen. Sometimes that can be hard, as many difficult children block all emotions because some are painful. 

From reading this article, you might see how Nancy gets out of judgement and blame ..that may lead to anger, and finds a view (or eye) for seeing this Enemy different - truly learning how to love our enemies at another level. 

This gives new meaning to the power of bruising heals, and crushing heads- or outsmarting adversity. . 

Attachment Issues (pdf)