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Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph SmithTwo separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

  • Town Transition begins with Angel funding : This is an international  political  movement with plans to begin with  education from mothers  teaching their children in the home. Learn how this work was revealed from the heavens and up from the earth . This  work  will need over 100,000 grass root supporters in the USA to Launch  Habitat for Health - an international non profit organization to support the construction and education in  neighborhood Simple Living Centers as central to Town Transition and local neighborhood organized food production. This is a work I believe was foreseen by the Prophet Joseph Smith - spoken of in  Ezekiel 34, and referred to by the Prophet Isaiah  to help create Zion food producing communities around the world in preparation for the second coming, and millennial work. 

 My Story of The Alta Vista Education Center

  • In the spring of 2010, Joseph and Emma Smith, with multitudes of others from the spirit world came to me to witness of a work I was receiving and was to carry out.  I had been on a family history vacation to California from Utah.  From this first visit over the next many years, more details of this work came to me -- It seemed line upon line, like a puzzle fitting together - one piece at a time. For now, I am instructed to build an on-line school or more accurately called an education center to help mothers  with tools to  return to a simple way of life in their homes.  I am in a Mom role now, retired but raising my 7 year old daughter and caring for my 90 year old father. My wife is younger and  works full time for an at risk youth center. 
  • The Alta Vista Education Center  started with a  vision of a building. In 1989 when given funds from the Smith family, (relatives of Asael Smith - Joseph's Grandfather,) I had  a feeling we should consecrate these funds to the Lord, I prayed and was given a vision of two facilities that we would remodel into some type of learning center or special school. The vision lingered with me for some time,  that is of this smaller building on the left connected to a larger higher building on the right.
  • In 1989, at the age of 33, I was at the top of my career path in Facility Management directing a college facility program in California.  For about a year my wife and I considered moving back to Utah. One morning in October,   I felt powerfully directed to leave my job and moved in that direction. We move back to Utah to get a 5th year teaching certificate at BYU, and in time do graduate work in the field of Education. During graduate work, we found property zoned as a school with two buildings adjacent to each other much like I had seen in vision. We remodeled this east west facility into one facility with a second and third floors added. This was called the Alta Vista  Education Center. 
  • Education means to bring forth from within, and we felt each child had a unique mission and talents that we wanted to support a new focus in education.  We attempted to rethink  our  approach to schooling. ....that is ....how children and find their mission or work on the earth.   Books as Teach the Children  by Neil Flinders and Education of the Heart by Brother Osguthorpe inspired our work as did the spirit.
  • I found  inner peace was lost with  learning centered in  manipulation, control and social or time pressure, and I found inner peace was restored within ourselves as  learners  and teachers when  guided by a spirit of agency and respect. We moved to an approach that taught principles regarding how to learn and  recognize your gifts, and how do research and provided tools for students to learn, respecting their agency.  You can learn more of this on the website.
  • We had a  schedule that was four days a week, and just half day allowing more family and community  time for learning and service in the home or community. In addition, we offered a theater arts program for those interested in doing junior broadway musicals in the afternoons.. 
  • This center ran on a council process as we working to be honest about what we were doing and how as a group we could work together to support each others learning.  
  • I considered some type of LDS curriculum, however in studying Church history and the role of educational in Church history, I saw no official LDS curriculum and felt those schools claiming such were overstating or using the Church to market their schools inappropriately.. When I prayed about what to teach in 1999 I received direction to develop a curriculum to help parents prepare their children for the temple relating to health. I resisted adopting this view, as I reasoned that was the Church's stewardship. I  set the prompting aside and  it would not make sense until years later when the Lord filled in added pieces of the puzzle. 
  • Later in 2010,  I then  received new names for two organizations or "Kingdoms" as referred to in scripture.  The Kingdom of God "within" each of us - was to be called Simple Living Centers- connecting to the Heavenly Church, and the Political Kingdom of God, -- was to be called "Habitat for Health." It was clear to me these were to be   vital organizations needed before the second coming, to help us prepare for the challenges of this time. 
  •  We may see this as as three parallel lines all moving in the same eternal direction, or perhaps as a triangle, with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the right, the Kingdom within, or Heavenly Kingdom of God as higher central point of the triangle, - sometimes called the Church of the Firstborn,  and on the left, the Political Kingdom of God or Habitat for Health. 
  • We may call this a  2020 campaign - but  more accurately stated - it is an educational movement led by mothers in the home, first- creating a transition that  begins within each of us - and then observing how the spirit unfolds to each ...how to create another way of life, centered in principles of righteousness. and peace, understanding our divine nature  within us. 
  • The Alta Vista Education Center was assisted by the Institute of Healing Arts founder Pam Robinson, as it was by Montessori teacher training, and key LDS works mentioned above. (Teach the Children, and Anatomy of the Spirit, by Carolyn Myss.) We also worked closely with youth theater arts programs. 


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This website is in development and editing as this work has been unfolding since 2010. 

For questions call 818 213 8763 or email david@simplelivingcenters.com 

A road less traveled


In 2010, while on a personal vacation - I followed an unexpected feeling  to travel another route to the California coast. Through another series of unexpected events, I ended up in Willits California - attending Transition Town US - a weekend workshop regarding a grass roots movement happening around the US and in some parts of the international community. Transition Town developed out of Europe after the existing infrastructure was destroyed during WWII. 

Months before this vacation,  I had felt for days ... to leave my job and financial security -running facility operations at the Utah State Capitol. I have been revealed two new names, and during this time clearly felt the presence of Joseph and Emma and multitudes of others.  In letting go of the financial security of this world...and trusting I higher power... and  inner peace....I discovered my  life mission  - In fact..it was a mission that returned to my memory that was revealed early in my life ..but I hard largely dismissed and forgotten...  A mission ... to  lead through service...a movement to return to a simple way of life - a way of life I would learn -- would be guided by our conscious -honest - higher self. Soon after Joseph's visit, John the Revelator...revealed a new economic way of life,..and I was shown how a small group of people in heavens timing, can tip the consciousness of entire communities to a new way of life. To my astonishment, when I first read the Bible, I had been shown in 1973 when taken to the spirit world --the Book of Revelation in a panoramic form, and how it was simple and a test of those in the last days. 

A way of life that is dividing those who put their trust in the economics of this world and those that trust in heavenly guidance. Our  modern day  food production...is a modern form of slavery.,.... I needed to support a more conscious way in my home and shopping.  

To do this work, from the heavens came a two new names - the  first  I learned and had confirmed many times...had to do with  -seven centers of life within each of us ..and the name I was told to call these centers..... was- Simple Living Centers. The second new name given was Habitat for Health, Soon after, I was  ministered to be a being from another realm....about another economic system to create this new  way of life. 


As part of this unfolding work, my family felt to go to Taiwan to teach others the language of Simple Living Centers in 2016 - a language within we discover,  awaken each of us to all we need - and how to receive divine love, and let it become part of all we do. With a few other families we ran a local farm, and taught this language of life to high school students and adults in the community.  

After repeated promptings from the spirit,  and visitation from the Heavens from many, I felt to announce this worldwide movement to launch Habitat for Health  in April of 2017.We will need over 100,000 grass roots supporters to pledge support to this work before we can launch it. 

This is not a movement to follow me, but learn how you can align yourself  and others who are being awakened to  another way of life. This website shares what other are learning  - mothers or those in that role -as they are learning and teaching their children with heavenly ministering - how to return to a simple peaceful way of life and discover all you need comes.. In today's world - this is another way of life. .... a way to reconnect with self and with  neighbors in meaningful  ways. After returning to the states - we felt to share this in Nauvoo, then come to Provo in 2017. 

While I have  learned this work from a variety of forms of revelation, Confirmations of this work came in reading the Joseph Smith papers, Church history and the records of the Political Kingdom of God, I saw the same patterns given to Joseph - had been revealed to me. Zion communities - temples central to them,- food producing communities- education that all can afford - and a way to help those in need.

We learn in Isaiah, a servant or  Davidic figure  was foreseen to come forth and  help realign the Church, not to destroy to laws and the prophets, but fulfill their work, bringing a fullness in the last days - a fullness and political Kingdom that PARALLEL the Church and would come forth during politically turbulent times- coming out of the Church - yet being separate from it,.... needed prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ.. 


There is a movement of people transitioning communities to another way of life. A transition that is coming  - or inevitable some say. This is a movement happening with people being awakened -showing up as if prepared by something far more intelligent than this feeble website.....a movement that begins with inner transition .. a movement -showing how  a small group of people  -- working together --with integrity and teamwork - can help tip towns or communities to another way of life  - another way to produce healthy living foods, another way to look at our  health care, another way to educate and work with schools, and another economic system and political movement moving in different directions to our current global systems. 

For most of my career I have been involved with this type of transition in colleges, business, health centers, and in running operations at the state capitol.  I have seen how transition can happen when honest open people talk and share and trust in a heavenly guided timing for change.   

 While we welcome the views of many - the angel start up effort has specifically come forth to create roots of the Political Kingdom of God and to be started by endowed women and youth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

Simple Living Centers

Starting with perhaps two or three mothers and their youth  in neighborhoods.

  • Learn to listen in simple ways - how  create  neighborhood councils and local food cooperatives working with this understanding. .

  • Return to  a simple language of health in the  home- a language lost in today's complexity 

  • Develop local neighborhood education  for mothers and youth 

  • Discover new ways to help those in need

  • Simple Living Centers develop in homes, then neighborhood temporary facilities, then are constructed with funding support from Habitat for Health in time as we work with Habit for Humanity and other such organizations to build permanent facilities. They are to be built that they may be turned into temples one day. 

Transition begins within each of us

Simple Living Centers are 

1. Within each of us

2. Name for a new generation of homes and neighborhood health education centers- to be built like small temples of learning. 

3. A key to  transitioning Communities.

Restoring community

Transition Town - Transition Streets


The Community Solution:  How Cuba survived the energy crisis. 

Simple Living Centers

TransitionTown2019-15b (pdf)


Homes for Health

1," Homes for Health" will support town wide fundraising of $3 per person.

2. 90% of neighborhood funds goes to local Neighborhood councils  for home processing/production, neighborhood gardens or local Community supported agriculture.  CSA's

3. Thirty cents a month or 10% of the donations goes to Homes for Health to improve educational tools, connect with resources worldwide, and do fundraising and grant writing campaigns.

Simple Living Centers

1. Seeds of a new local economy: Councils decide on  volunteered neighborhood funds of $3/month a person.

2. Seeds of a new low cost or no cost education: Neighborhood education supporting  parents  to teach their youth - A dollar a day  donation for 8 weeks or--- for those who can not pay --they may barter work traded for some needs of homes or neighborhoods. This can extend to college level learning courses, work with Pathways, and worldwide educational resources. 

3. Seeds to simple ways to help the poor. A neighborhood managed micro- loan program to help those in need.