The Church wants the world to know its history.

The roots of the Political Kingdom of God were organized for a time. The key to this was the Living Constitution. Joseph said it was within the Councils. They did not understand the key to councils was understanding the Kingdom of God within. Listen below to more about this. 


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5 fascinating facts about the Council of Fifty

With regard to writing the Living Constitution: 

The committee was ultimately unsuccessful. In a peculiar swing of events, the prophet proceeded to deliver a revelation from God in which the council members themselves were identified as a living constitution inasmuch as they sought divine aid.

In “The Council of Fifty,” Oman records the text of the revelation from the minutes, “Verily thus saith the Lord, ye are my constitution, and I am your God, and ye are my spokesmen. From henceforth do as I shall command you. Saith the Lord.”.

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'The single most significant historical project'

It was also in November of 2008 — 10 years ago — that the first volume of the Joseph Smith Papers project was published under the new Church Historian's Press imprint, ushering in a new era of transparency in church history. Elder Marlin K. Jensen, then a General Authority Seventy and Church Historian and Recorder, called the project "the single most significant historical project of our generation." Just years later, and months after I sent my experience to the First Presidency, the Minutes of the Political Kingdom of God were released First Presidencies office to the Church Historical department. 

Council of Fifty: A divine pattern

Council Discussions in Provo

Joseph Smith understood core principles of governing and divine design within. He spoke of the Living Constitution being within the Councils. 

Here is some history on these councils that laid the foundation of the Political Kingdom of God 

He understood - it operated with those of integrity and purpose. LINK

He taught that “the order of Councils in ancient days” had been shown to “him by vision.” Joseph hoped that the Council of Fifty would model the proper functioning of a council system.

A central responsibility of council members, Joseph instructed, was to offer candid commentary. He understood that sometimes people would be too deferential to his position and authority and would thus not share freely opinions with him. 

At the council’s first meeting, Joseph urged participants to “speak their minds” and “to say what was in their hearts whether good or bad.” He said he “did not want to be forever surrounded by a set of ‘dough heads’ and if they did not rise up and shake themselves and exercise themselves in discussing these important matters he should consider them nothing better than ‘dough heads.’” 

By “dough heads,” Joseph seemed to have meant “yes men”—people who would tell him what they thought he hoped to hear.

Neighborhood Council workshop are available. It is suggested Councils meet weekly for an hour for two months or 8 sessions. An outline for those in being developed, based on the seven centers of the spiritual anatomy and then a final session on sharing from the Group. 

You may want to develop yours with your community and share what is happening. Here is a link on the key to the Living Constitution and the fullness that has been restored. See D and C 93. and this article. LINK 

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My name is Christopher Caldwell. I am a striving faithful member of the LDS church, striving faithful husband and striving loving father of one. I served a two year mission in Taiwan learning the Mandarin language, and upon returning from my mission in 2011, returned to my college institution in Provo and felt prompted to go to the Chinese ward. Upon entering, I met a Mr. David Cassani in which I felt the spirit bare a powerful witness to me, that whatever he is doing project wise, I must help him and be a support; in which I've been involved with David and this project since 2012 to now.

I have a testimony of this work we are engaged in, and have received a personal witness regarding Ezekiel 34:23 and how David Cassani is called to do this work. I cannot impress upon you how many time I have had spiritual impression upon spiritual impression working with David on his divine calling. 

Understanding inner peace and the Kingdom within, is key to political peace, personal peace, and working in councils with diverse groups. As we work together with integrity, our centers of life find a path to peace. There is an intelligence within the team or group process. Heaven become part of this work, giving individuals unique spiritual gifts that contribute to the whole. Perfection is wholeness, not the sequential achievement of some checklist. While some may take this out of perspective, perfection is a process where the imperfect parts work together with Heavenly beings and are whole or perfecting operating for our relationships, healing and growth. In that sense we can learn to "be perfect" now as we work in these groups of growth. David Cassani

The world will never solve the political problems of the world without understanding this living constitution within us and how we develop trust with our souls and the heavens. It is simple teamwork, networking, synergy, problem solving, and cooperation. Sacrifice,full hearted full soul commitment,  and obedience are key principles to understand in this work- as is discovering our personal work on this earth. Each of us have a unique work to contribute. dc

To understand Emotions is to understood the work of God.  Suhsin Cassani 2011. 

Emotions are where the spirit and body unite.   Boyd Packard.

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How do we organize this grass roots movement?

Councils or Transition town models are key tools for organizing.  Link.

Is this a movement against western medicine?

No, at times we consciously feel to go to the doctor or hospital. This is an approach that begins before the learning within each of us, and raising our own consciousness about what we can do ourselves and with our resources that may come or be within us. 

Who is this primarily for?

For mothers to teach to their children and families by example first and by starting a new language of learning in the home. 

Tell me more about the founders? 

Tell me more about David Cassani, Chris Caldwell, and John.  See Linked in

Where does the word Zion come from?

I found this link. 

This will be live with all participants each week. Email us to join the meeting. 

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. . . all the world to learn of the political Kingdom of God

Nov. 2010 released from the First Presidencies office. With the release of the minutes of the Council of Fifty or the Political Kingdom of God, the Church wants ALL the world to  know about this. 

Larry and Gail Miller - and the Joseph Smith papers


Simple goals, To seek Gods will in civic matters, to work with communities in building temples, and to assist in the temporal needs of all of God's children, regardless of race or religion. 

OUr Declarations, covenants, and witnesses.

Consecration, working separate yet parallel to the Church, and covenants.  This is not to imply any legal endorsement of the Church. 

Declarations and Covenants Word PDF copy (pdf)


Integrity in Councils- from President Eyring

 How can we bring this spirit of councils, openness and integrity into business, education, government, and health fields? Into neighborhood Councils for this work?Why, because integrity is a key to understanding how the Kingdom of God within works - our Simple Living Centers.  

Councils working today.


How councils work with complete integrity. See Living Constitution download below.

The miracle of fifty men (men and women) coming to a unanimous decision would make them “spokesmen” of God. According to the theory, if fifty men seek in candor and order to put self and represented interest in per- spective with all other points of view and are committed to find the locus where the best interests of all converge, then the Council will have found the will of God. This unanimous decision clause in rule five is, as in the case of rule number two, an obvious duplication of the parliamentary proce- dures of the Church’s leading councils. 

This revelation comes within our own beings. Area 5 of the seven centers is higher will verse self will can be heard if we listen carefully. In this process of working through legislation we are actually working to understand our own Godly nature and power and how to use it. 

Through my entire career, I have found - to some level - this process work in business, temple operations, college facility operations, classrooms, health centers, and schools. We can learn to trust in honesty - as a path for learning - team building and expanding the leadership capacity of any team. 


LivingConstitution (pdf)


FAQ Feb 2018 (pdf)