What are living foods?

Health is simple. Eating whole foods. Nuts, seeds, grains, and vegetables that are living. 

When Living foods go in the body- LIFE  comes out. When dead foods or overly cooked foods go in - death or illness and pain come out.  

Living foods are raw foods, meaning they have not been cooked over 130 degrees, and therefore they still have all the natural vital enzymes in them. Once you heat above 115  or 130 degrees, depending on who you talk to,  you kill off the living enzymes which help your body digest the food

Food preparation becomes a shift to soaking, sprouting or dehydration. Dehydration is  one of the oldest forms of storage, where heating stays below 130F. Soaking seeds and grains are  a skill almost lost in today's world. Wonderful foods can be made without overly cooking them. 

Medicinal herbs and foods can help the body heal - feeding areas of weakness or nutritional starvation. 

Learn to listen to the navel area of the body. Which foods bring strength or life and inner peace...and which foods make us sleepy or depressed  - or perhaps stressed and anxious.  Click here.

Our body can choose living foods


Living Food suppliers

Supplies in Utah of living foods production supplies  Click here .     

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"The biggest lies are the ones that have a little truth." ~Dr. Campbell, Food Choices.  The opposite of living foods, would be lifeless foods, depleted foods or what some scriptures may call "dust."

Dental care with food and herbs

Emotional health - a foundation for living foods.

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Decisions are on our plates


Our Mother Earth, Our Plates