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Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph SmithTwo separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

Seven key strands unfolding the Kingdoms of God.

Seven strains all interwoven over time.

1978 Early witnesses

Finishing my mission to Washington DC. My face is disfigured in an accident and after 3 days of quick healing I am back working. I am told by a Sister White I baptized, that I will have  world wide role in the Kingdom of God, not as an apostle in the Church, but in some other way. Home from my mission, one day I am overcome by the advesary, unable to speak. I learn I can cast out that influence. Near that time, early witnesses of my mission are revealed to me. Another member receives a witness that a man whose name is like the House of David will start a world wide movement to bring people back to the simple ways of God. It is revealed that  this David will start this work in the future when traveling from one state to another. I entirely forget this prompting until 2010, in December when the spirit brings in back to my memory. 


I marry a Smith relative of Asael, Joseph's grandfather, as she tells me the Holy Ghost witnessed to her to marry me.  Having been guided to work on temple facilities, I finish College with an internship in temple facility operations. 


I am given a vision of building of future neighborhood faciility, that I learn in 2010 is a model for neighborhood learning centers that can be turned into temples. Previous to this we receive trust funds from the Smith family for building such a facility and pioneering new efforts in education. We consecrate them to the Lord's purposes, and I am prompted to leave my career position managing college facilities and move to Utah for graduate work in education.  I feel prompted to strengthen parents in bonding with their children and teaching them more in the home using part time schools. 


After a few years teaching in public schools I leave to do graduate work in family centered learning. My wife feels prompted to use the Smith funds to support this work. We find a building in 1997. The part time school supporting parents  fostering agency based, council based learning. In 1999 - the spirit reveals to me to develop a way to teach mothers to teach their children using the hand, helping them prepare for the temple. I react - that this is the Church's stewardship, not mine, and set the prompting aside. 



I resist a powerful spiritual witness coming up from the earth, and am told to receive it and speak with complete integrity. The power continues up through me, and I  receive a powerful witness  a future parallel role to the Prophet, and that these neighborhood centers would help feed nations and that  I would work with world and church leaders. I am given a vision of this work starting in eastern areas of China. This same year, I am taught for three days - keys to understanding our bodies, our health,and our family history and how they relate to the atonement of Jesus Christ. I experience my body storing pains and stress, with emotions stored within us, and ways to identify them, learn from them and release them in a number of ways. I feel what I learned could change how we see modern medicine. We travel to China for an adoption, as my wife was visited four times one night in the previous year by a Chinese  sister from the spirit world and spelled the name of a child to adopt in China. Though my experience is rejected by my family as delusional, I can understand somewhat and do not understand what a parallel role is. The learning center called Alta Vista is sold to the LDS Church for the Motion picture work, and I am directed to work as a director of a leading at risk youth mental health center-discovering many simple paths of progress with these youth. 

2010 -2013

After six years of running operations at the Utah State Capitol during major renovation, I am prompted to leave and travel to California, and feeling the presence of Joseph and Emma a multitude of Chinese, I am told two organizatonal names, Simple Living Centers and Habitat for Health, and given a blessing from a local bishop that says President Monson would help me. Added witness come months later that simple living centers are to be built that they may be turned into neighborhood temples to walk to, and I am shown the other  side of the veil on how the math is all perfect symbolically in the temple. My wife wants a divorce and I am told I will marry a sister from China in the future, We marry in April of 2011. She has been prepared for this work. I am visiting by John (the revelator) while in the Timpanogos temple and given financial keys for this work, and later shown how a small group of community leaders, can bring tipping or transition to entire communities way of life, developing food producing communities. 

2014 to 2018

I am told this calling is with regard to feeding nations as found in Ezekiel 34, and the symbolism in the temple is made sense to me regarding the a political Kingdom of God.  The following year in the Jordan River Temple, I am told the Kingdom of God within is the seven centers of the body, they are the simple living centers, known of a chakras in the east. Hyrum Smith appears to me dressed in white telling me Hyrum figures will come to me. One comes and tells me of Dr. Gileadi work on the Book of Isaiah and a latter day David Servant foreseen. About a year later, a dream of Elder Bednar comes  while in Taiwan, and the Savior visits me in the Korea Temple in March of 2017. Soon after his visit witnesses come to others, and I am given  promptings to proclaim this work to the endowed Sisters and endowed members in the Church. After proclaiming this work while in Taiwan, and later having it rejected in Navaoo were we move, in 2018 on August 20th, I am directed to teach higher laws of the Gospel and encourage this work to begin ..and come from Sisters teaching their children in new simple ways of health.  I learn of Joseph Smith receiving the Living Constitution and telling the Saints it was within them, as he organized the Political Kingdom of God, yet they could not  understand it in their times of threat and commotion. This fulness was not understood, but symbolically put in the endowment in preparation for a latterday work by a David on this side of the veil and a John on the other side of the veil.. I believe was the Kingdom of God within was not something the Saints were able to accept. 

Seven key strands revealing this work.

The three kingdoms of God are symbolically taught. The Church on the right, the Political kingdom coming up from the earth on the left, and the Kingdom of God (within) or heavenly Church, of those living higher laws of life... in the center. It is clear, the calling I have been given this work to serve and teach the Kingdom of God within, to be called for this work and latter day, Simple Living Centers. In addition I have been called to serve Sisters in  establishing with their youth, the Political Kingdom of God, to be called Habitat for Health in our day. These are to be separate from the Church for reasons of testing and faith and practical legal reasons foreseen by the Lord, are they are to support parallel principles of life, and temporal salvation for the Saints in these last day times of trail. An economic pattern for transitioning to cooperative food producing communities has been revealed. 

Frequently asked Questions

Question: I understand the Davidic servant is Jesus Christ as taught by Elder McConkie? 

Answer: That is what I believed for many years. In 2015, I was introduced to the leading Isaiah scholar and past Rabi, Avraham Gileadi, whose believed in mortal Davidic servant as Joseph Smith taught. The First Presidency also had a number of issues with suggested doctrines Elder McConkie taught and asked him to make revisions to his writings. There is more to this story at the following link.