Reaching and receiving higher


Live in the Present - Divine presence.

Learn to know how much we need, what to buy, where to go for foods. We can get daily guidance, not in anxiety or fear, but in peace. Should we store foods, what living foods do we need for some illness. Learn to get out of earthy time, and understand everything can happen in the right time . Learn the dialogue of asking, receiving, the power of gratitude and the power of revelation in doing our work on the earth. Learn to ask questions and meditate on the seven centers, and understand the flow of life.  What tools or centers are needed to cleanse from addictions from our own habits or generations before us. 

Receiving from the Heavens

Promptings may come to eat some foods or not others. Learn to obey those promptings. Ancestors may minister to us. My mothers voice may come to more vegetables. Prayers may be answered from the Heavens or from everyday people around us. We can see foods or plants the seem to talk to us. A grapefruit, an apple, and grape. Learn to be aware of healthy cravings or desires. One pregnant woman started licking dirty potatoes. The doctor suggested her body wanted trace minerals. She took some and the cravings stopped. 

Learning inner wisdom

We learn to listen to what foods bring strength, balance and peace. 

Which make us feel sleepy after a meal.

Which make us stressed, not digesting right or anxious. 

Keeping centered in peace - turns on the magnetic powers from the heavens connecting with the powers coming up from the earth. Our centeredness become like an magnetic iron rod. 

Focus on the Do's

Some focus on the do's. This can be largely a mental process and lead to long stressful lists. Learning another way can happen. Read above. 

Focused on the Don'ts

Some focus on the few things they should not eat or do. 


Where do I begin? Asking ourselves if we are following the unhealthy traditions of our family or tribe ----or are we following our inner consciousness. The first center of life, has one of the first tests in rising to healthier spiritual understanding in centers 2-7

Mental Health Centers

mental health Feb. 2018 (pdf)