What you can help with.

Grass roots supporters

No money as this time. Help us develop the website first. We feel to ask for  pledges to support this movement. Between 100,000 -200,000 pledging $3 a month on an ongoing basis. 

We need short  film or slide show on Cain and Abel... based on Moses 5:16

We need 8 Council workshop videos done with a real world group of sisters to begin. Brethren in time.

We need testimonials. and blog support of others willing to make their homes into Simple Living Centers. 

Visible International Leaders

We are asking for visible leaders in business, government, education and health to join this movement. I am an obscure man, and for branding reasons with organizations as Habitat for Humanity, Home Depot, and other DIY's, We will need visible leaders who can serve on the board to support legislation and zoning support for this movement, and millennial organization. 


Many witness have come to others.

When we were organizing the advisory board in October of 2015, Alan, a friend from California  felt to call  me (David Cassani). A friend felt inspired to tell him he needed to get in touch with a David. 

A man I share this with at the July 4th parade in Provo said, I began to receive revelation after Habitat for Health was told to me. I received D & C 45, and saw many coming to the deserts of Utah. Past CFO Provo City.

I was prompted to go to UVC and share this with an executive fundraiser. He said, I started to receive revelation reading the one page summary of the Habitat for Health vision.  Past Bishop, and fundraiser at UVU.

Film and Video support

Share your links or create films to support this work. We will review them in our weekly Presidency Council meetings. 

Make your home a SLC.

For those interested in film as a tool for this movement, you can help  others with videos of your home as a simple living center. These can change neighborhoods and towns. Much is happening now. Share what vision you have received for this movement.