Historical Notes

Old Testament

Ezekiel 34 tells of those who are stewards of food in the last days. Click here. 

The New Testament

Learn about buying and selling in the end times. Link here to chapters 12 and 13 

Modern Scripture

A work foreseen and challenges of our time . Click here.

2017 Eclipse

I was traveling from Nauvoo to Salt Lake on August 20th my birthday, & August 21st Thomas Monson Bir

Coincidentally, my family was traveling from Nauvoo, to Provo, on August 20th, my birthday and on August 21st,. We were driving along the path many were taking to see it. The eclipse came on President Monson's birthday -  the 21st of August. Three large systems - parallel in a way at one point in time. 3 Kingdoms?

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Click Blue button to watch Dr. Gileadi Video

Click and watch Avraham Gileadi discuss how he came to understand of the last days Davidic servant and his role before the second coming. 


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