Tools for Teaching Youth.

Agency Education.


 So often children are directed and forced to learn, not led to learn. Here is an article by Larry Arnoldsen that may be of interest. LiNK. 

Contribute and learn with us


We are learning together with those in Taiwan and China. Plans are to help build the website as a tool for mothers to teach their children. Teaching with the hand is key to  learning. We may want to start with the language of symbolism. 



Our home is emerging into a Simple Living Center with winter gardening, sprouting and dehydration, Montessori math and four other types of math. Living food education and a wonderful park near by on the Provo river trail. 

A political movement.


We are working to develop tools for parents and particularly mothers to use in their home. Ways to teach math and symbolism in the home, simple tools for teaching emotional health. Ways to transition any home into a temple for learning, and a center for food and energy production.  



Help us develop the website with those around the world. In international approach to learning and health. 


Another way of life? ?

Teaching with the Hand

HandTeachingAIntro (pdf)


TeachingWithHandPDF (pdf)


SLC Hand 2019ppp (pptx)


Three Sisters, but President by President Uchtdorf

Three Sisters - By President Dieter F (pdf)


How can we live it more fully? Learning about our seven centers may help us know why. 

President Nelson and our health

Temples of God

Bonding and trust with children

Food, agency and inner peace, a key to bonding, and children learning to trust parents and in time Heavenly Parents or God. Check out Forks over Knives also. for this video use the Password Elijah 

Strengthening our youth in the last days.

Addictions or obsession are unprocessed emotions. Opening powers within are really key to this preparation for the last days. Simple emotional intelligence is key. This is the generation to take us to the millennial age. What are the keys to balance? It is not moderation of commitment, but full commitment and humility.  click here for Elder Oaks article. 

Balance : Lesson for whole life.

Teaching youth not to blindly follow

Cartoons to discussion emotions and health