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Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

Two separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph SmithTwo separate parallel works to the Church foreseen by Joseph Smith

simple Living Centers: The Kingdom within

We learn about the two great commandments and how they relate to our temples of learning. Layers of this understanding come in the temple, like pieces of a puzzle fitting for this latter day work. We can learn about these centers by developing inner wisdom and be ministered to by ancestors or directly from divinity. Within  each center, we can learn how to command, let go, and ask for the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ to help us- as we have complete emotional honesty with God.

On this, the two great commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Could the Savior being hinting a symbolic language.... the political kingdom of God and the ecclesiastic Kingdom of God, "hang" like arms from the center.  What is key to understanding this center? The Kingdom of God "within"--- a kingdom within, connected to God and all the goodness of the earth.  A Kingdom we can find when we consecrate our all and let go of the world. A Kingdom when we connect to it, feeds us as God feeds the birds. Without inner consciousness or centered in each of the seven living centers...we all fall into some ways of ritual religion or ways of men - trying to manipulate the systems of man. Learn how the two great commandments are key to what is within each of us.  

Teaching the seven centers with the hand

As we learn about the seven centers - we can see the scriptures through a new light, read them differently, see the divine nature  in others in new ways, learn to empathize and trust in the divine patterns of growth designed in each of us from our creators. 

IN 2010, to carry out this work, the spirit took me to the other side and I was show the endowment symbolism was simple.  Seek to understand the simple messages - often hidden in symbolism.  Seek, ask and receive what simplicity the Lord is willing to reveal to you as it pertains to this revealed work for our day.  There are a some aspects of the endowment we do not talk about, but much can be learned by symbolism. Symbolism is a language of our divine creators and respects our agency and others. We need not fear this great experience, and can come to learn learn personally what we can share and not share.

 In 1999 when finishing graduate work at BYU, I asked what I was to teach at this education center the spirit guided me to build. I was told to prepare a curriculum of health for parents to teach ...patterned after the creation - to help parents prepare their youth  for the temple. The impression followed that this was to be taught simply with the hand. I thought... that was not my stewardship but the Church's, and set that impression aside. It was not until 2015, that I received clarity on how to teach health. It came near the time I had a personal visitation from  Hyrum Smith, and learning of this work foreseen from Jospeh and others in Church history. ... a separate work from the Church... a parallel work. 

Clarity came ....line upon line.  The Church's  mission is in teaching the simple principles of salvation .... and a higher work is hinted in the temple  ordinances for exaltation for our temples within. As the Saints could not receive all the Lord wanted to give them, a future work - or parallel work was foreseen to come  for our temporal salvation, and another future work would come ...a theology or was to connect the  Heavenly Church. Seven steps or seven simple living centers were revealed to help us increase our capacity to receive revelation and be directed personally, daily from the divine. This is both a political movement and connection to the full nature of God, to the fullness of the Gospel.  

When I was  taken to the other sided and shown the endowment was made simple, I realized  how complexity was our test. The seven centers came be simple... a for an Adamic like language where body and soul connect, where words and emotions connect, where daily needs and revelation become a moment by moment experience. Fear of the future falls away as we learn to live in the present moment, the past and the future come today. 

Jospeh had a difficult time putting into words what this Living Constitution was within each of us, or our Simple Living Centers as we are told to call them in our day. In each center there are tests of consciousness, laws of life to discover, and gifts of strength and inner peace.  As we are learning to trust divine guidance designed within us... or better stated - develop a  language to express the divinity within the seven centers - we can bridge the heavens and earth.  We discover what education means ....that is "to bring forth from within."

Welcome to the Alta Vista Education Centers  - our mission is to support mothers in bringing this work forth to their families and in time neighbors. 

Teaching with the Hand (pdf)


7 Simple living Centers - the east and west comes together


"Who am I?" takes on a new level of  meaning when we have this full understanding of our spiritual anatomy --or our living constitution within us. We are open to see our own divinity and the divine nature with all mankind. Judgement is more often replaced with a divine timing or divine patience and love. 

. Joseph understood this as the Living constitution ..but the Saints could not understand it. 

Trusting leaders can move to becoming a leader in ways we each may lead in everyday life through example and quiet influence - connecting with the Savior himself - always being with us - and part of a heavenly/earthly Church that is connected to all mankind - now. 

All living centers work with complete integrity, keeping our spiritual and emotional body more unified like an iron rod with the magnetic powers of heaven circling down and the powers of the earth coming up. The scriptures speak of ruling with an iron rod? Is this it? Inner peace to receive God's everyday direction. 

With male powers of influence combining in creative ways - working with female powers  -  we begin to understand the fullness -- to bring new inventions, new levels of thought - and daily miracles of life we may need in this challenging times.  We can see how to transform a schools of factory education  to learning centers that bring forth from within a child's person mission and support in doing their work on the earth

Each center responds to music and color, symbolically with all the colors of the rainbow and hope for our time. We can achieve new levels of design and powers with the arts and media with an understanding of these centers of life. 

Our biography and family history are stored in our physical/spiritual anatomy. Pains and messages from each center can help us explore our history and learn our lessons in life. Help us learn how to remove stress stored in the body.  If we do not learn our lessons, life's lessons may get more difficult until we do. come back to centeredness and peace. Stresses may grow, to help us learn how to return to centered peace. ...Sickness may come, or crisis, calling us to return to a place of centeredness.

In Jacob 4 we learn how God teaches us. He gives us plainness and peace and if we reject it and desire more complexity,,,, God gives us complexity,  often leading to confusion in our limited minds, and then a process where we stumble, become more humble and trusting.  

The Book of Mormon introduction page talks of the tower of Babel, the tower of confusion as we try to work our way into a higher state....where what we really need is to return to the simple ways of God...the simple ways of peace and life.  

As we learn to enter into the channel or wave length of divine communion, we can listen and develop new levels of  consciousness- we can grow spiritually from very personal guidance - and receive more light for overcoming the earthly natural man or fearful nature within us.  We may be led to ask new questions, or help others heal as we receive guidance for our own needs. 

Connecting with  all, can be a simple easy exercise of slowing down, taking three full deep breathes as we go deeply into a state of being without time or distance. As we develop this skill, it can happen in quiet meditative settings, in temples, or as we will learn in our our temples - even is a busy bus stop or in the mist of conflict. Some say...... The world needs monks without monasteries. 

Repeating a long positive sentence three times came help. A long sentences completed with one breath can be like a clearing breathe to a deeper meditative state where we can be instructed, commune with the divine powers of the universe, meet with anyone we need or have meetings with others as needed. 

We become creators with the Heavens of our  health, homes and souls on this earth. Learning to command these centers to live within bounds can be a new skill for our health and spiritual growth and give new understanding to the meaning of the word commandments - covenants - and living constitution.  Having the commandments sealed in our heart, mind and entire soul takes on a meaning within ourselves.

In teaching  youth, I may have them choose which emotion goes into which of the three centers. Link .

Many youth operate naturally in more deep states and we need to recognize this and enter this with them.  Helping the unlearn the complex ways of the world and return to a simple understanding of three emotional states - can help us and them return to peace. Three basic states help us learn a new meaning for being centered. 

Depressed/ weakened/not caring             -  Peace/learning/life                      -   Stressed/anxious/

Patterns of this can be found in modern technology. Click here. Can we learn to listen to our stress within the seven centers?  One key to emotional health is to understand when something bothers us in others, it is a sign or mirror of something with ourselves. to explore - change or repent of. 

7th center - Love God - live in the Divine Presence

All we need comes as we trust in the Present and Presence of divine guidance. Asking, listening and moment by moment guidance can come when we are open to it. As we learn and listen more and more light comes. Simple things as what living foods does my body need to heal, what is the highest good for me right now. How can I love God or serve the universe best right now. Are we living in the future - driven by fear? Are we turned off to deeper meaningful purpose? We can find purpose now, each  moment. 

6th Center - Mind -

Our ears, nose, mouth and eyes can receive truth if we ask and desire truth. Command the ears, nose and month to listen to truth, The mouth to speak only truth. Are we driven by fears and the need to control or speak falsehoods for gain or to impress? Are we open to all truth? Are issues of hearing, eye sight, or smell related to some lesson we need to learn? Are we open to receiving all truth and removing the pride the keeps us back from growth? Inspired questions can foster our ability to learn and influence health in these areas of our body.

5th Center - Might or will.

Do the neck and mouth area have emotions of peace or anxiety? What health issues do we have in these areas? What lessons do we need to learn. This area deals with choices between a higher will  or a selfish or fear based will. Are we seeking to speak up for those we need? Are we seeking a higher will and purpose aligned with the other centers? Are we in fear and survival - seeking only our own needs and not a higher good?

4th Center - Divine Love

The area extends from the heart to the arms. Are we open to receiving a divine love and how we can serve others or connect with others in truth? Are we blocking love, and unable to feel, numb or turned off because of painful memories. The divine can help us heal the heart and find forgiveness for others, even be open to helping those who are our enemies begin a process of healing - as we listen to them with love. The divine power of love works through these centers of intelligence and light. Feeling the love of God is beyond earthy emotions, feeling the peace and purity of Gods love changes everything and everyone we see. We feel divine gratitude for others, often revelation on how to help them may flash through our souls and help them and be key to help we need for some need - holistically serving many purposes at the same time. 

3rd Center of Life : Honoring self

Do we listen our gut feeling about things? What is the message - what is the lesson. How do we feel 15 minutes after eat a food ...sleepy, awake, sick? We can awaken both physically and spiritually through seeking, listening and asking. What living foods does my body want. 

Learn to obey those revelations and inspiration and we can receive more and more light and truth. Our health can rebound, and find hidden treasures of understanding and new connections with our ancestors who may assist us in this work. If we learn our lessons, we pass on to our children greater  power and examples of health. If we do not listen, we may pass on problems and regret our actions as they manifest in future generations. 

Here is a film about focus sensing true north to find food. Do we have such an indicator in us? Enjoy this link.

The Kingdom of God. . .

As we learn of the Kingdom of God within. . . .  we can learn to trust that all we need will come. This is about preparing our temples to be temples of learning, revelation and connection with all we need. Can our work of  temple attendance become distorted? Seek for simple answers to what we are doing in temples today? The Book of Mormon states the Gospel is plain and simple. Ask, seek, search, be open to receive what the Lord wants to give us. 

The Light of the world

Letting go of the world and trusting in another way. A test of our time. 

Do the seven days of creation mirror our seven centers?

Are animals symbols of some of our emotions?

Leadership - constitution - Government

LeadersConstitution (pdf)


A new Pathway for college level learning and research


College of Healing Arts

College learning can take a new level of research with combined reflection on the seven centers, journaling, and ministering  we receive as part of our journey of learning and service. Courses from any university can be part of this work, or individual projects related to this mission.  We hope to develop a way for students to work through their educations without debt, or better yet, making some income.


Work with two Counselors

Education is the foundation of any democracy. Become engaged students. As students set up  project councils, each student may work with two counselors, one from the community, and one from a religious setting. This fullness or whole approach to learning often takes on a sense of personal mission.  

"You start with a problem that you may not know how to solve, but you know there are certain rules you can follow and certain approaches you can take, and often during this process, the intermediate result is more complex than what you started with, and then the final result is simple. And there’s a certain joy in making that journey" (Stephe Randolph). 


Work with any university

Students can develop their curriculum with heavens assistance, and customized there careers to preparations for the second coming, and another way of life. Many discover their work or contracts made before this life - regarding this life. As tests in each center of life are recognized and passed, we each are on a individualize journey of life - eternal life. 

Our deepest fear...



See how this video is missing simple key details to understanding the Kingdom of God within.  Lacking this concept --- many may fall into an approach that often leads to teaching some external form of moral authority, when moral guidance is designed within each of us, when we learn to command each center of life or listen to how each center connects with other centers. For example - Jesus said to love God with all our hearts. We actually do that by praying and  receiving God's love in our hearts or our 4th center of life. 


A man filled with the love of God is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious to bless the whole human race. The best way to obtain truth and wisdom is not to ask from books, but to go to God in prayer, and obtain divine teaching.