My Story

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  • I was born in 1956 in California, raised with a do it yourself Catholic DAD, and a mother  that promised the priest she would raise us Catholic.. Though not Catholic she kept her promise and raised me Catholic. She also  taught me the importance of honesty and hard work. Though my mother and I grew to be good friends, her astrology interests were not the connection I made with my Jewish stepmother. My Jewish mother  and I connected in spiritual matters, beyond religion.  My step sister Ann said. : Joyce felt great concern for humanity, and valued creating a more humane and supportive world where needs can be met non-violently. My mother had a kindness and generosity of spirit that will be greatly missed. I am thankful for all she brought to life, and for all she taught me. (here ) As for other ancestors, my mothers ancestors were Christian Science on one side and businessman on the other. Some of their relatives I learned -sold their home to help fund the voyage to America (John Rogers, Mayflower descendent) and my fathers were working class immigrants who grew gardens, and fixed everything they could.   
  • Sometime around the age of 10, my aunt died and I grieved her passing - as she was like a mother to me. I promised God I would do whatever he wanted me, even be a boring priest - if I could just know what Church to join. I knew God would not make it difficult to find truth and felt confident he would make is understandable for children. 
  • I was small for my age and played football for several years with those much larger. I learned not to fear the big guys. We went un-scored on for most the season. When asking myself what I learned in high school just before graduation, I had reflected on how I learned the great power of teamwork in sports. I was awarded-  with four others - life time passes to athletic events for my contributions to the athletic program. I was certainly not the best athlete, but I worked hard and enjoyed it greatly.  My coaches and team members would become my family in high school after my parents divorced. One of my  track coaches would in time teach me the gospel - inviting me to seminary in the morning before school. 
  • I  enjoyed learning from all religions during my high school years - studying both eastern and western religions- looking for simple common roots. In some ways they seemed they same, yet a quote about Christ struck me. Budha died seeking the truth, Christ died saying he was the truth. I needed to know, who Jesus Christ was and read Jesus the Christ one of the first religious books ever.  For some reason the second the Book of Mormon was placed in my hand, the spirit witnessed to me it was true. I thought --how can I feel such power of truthfulness when I have not read the book yet.  The Elders explained the pre-mortal world and that made sense to me - as I felt an unusually strong connection with the Prophet Joseph Smith.   
  •  In 1973  when reading the last chapter in the Bible for the first time, I was taken to the spirit world and shown - in panorama form-  how the entire Book of Revelation was simple. I was in wonder and awe, "what is happening to me", I asked.I was not allowed to share all I was given - just a small portion, but remembered the feeling from this extraordinary experience all my years.
  • I learned, that those that trust in the financial systems of the world will separate and trust in another system of food and trade - than  those that put their trust in the simple ways of God  . and this would happen in preparation for the second coming. 
  • In about 1978 I was told by others at a church talk by a husband and wife team, that they were told by the spirit -before the meeting  - that at some time in the future a man whose name was like the "House of David" would start  movement worldwide to bring people back to the simple ways of God. They told the group he would start this movement when traveling from one state to another at some time in the future. I thought, my name means small house of David in Italian, but that could not be for someone as ordinary and obscure as me. I quietly left the meeting without saying anything, and I entirely forgot the experience. A few years later I got married in 1980. It would be thirty years later, with  nine chlldren,  when  I would be given names for these organizations and when these memories would  came back to me. In 2010,  the spirit returned these to my memory.  It was in 2010, while on a family history vacation to California from Utah that I was given the names for this work. 
  • As another witness, back in 1978, during the end of my mission to Washington DC- I get into a head on accident. I had not listened to a prompting to not go out that night as I wanted  to  please a family we were teaching  more than God. I learned to put promptings from God  first and respond to them. Over thirty stitches later on the left  half my face - I am beyond recognition, but seem to heal quickly. During these previous months I was eating whole foods and prompted to  listen to my body and it that I could know what I needed. I  found I healed in about three days and was back to work. I have repeatedly sensed this mission was a pattern for the rest of my life, and for some reason -felt repeatedly my death or end of  my mortal mission - will come in some war in the last days. When I asked God why I was given this repeated impression, through the years, I felt the impression come that is was so I would not  fear death, but live life -  knowing that I would be protected to accomplish the purposes I was sent here for.
  • In about 1977 seeking a witness of what Priesthood is and wanting my own personal testimony,  I am awakened one night by the spirit and for several hours, D&C 121 streams into my mind and heart like pure intelligence or in todays terms - downloading of pure information. 
  • For the last months of my mission, I feel as Nephi described --the love of God unto the consuming of my flesh, --and I grow to appreciate the life of Joseph Smith, I feel an unusually powerful connection to teaching women and see the tests of life.. ever more and feel the power of the  Book of Mormon. I learn women teaching their children  feel the spirit a greater fullness and the reason many men do  not receive a fullness - as they are pulled into the way the world and thinking of the world in their way of making a living. Many do not feel the importance of seeking Gods will for what they are provided. I feel when we live the Gospel quietly we just become like a magnet to others seeking truth and we will be drawn to all we need in rightness. I felt to seek the Lord's guidance for my career choices and find he does guide us. 
  • I am guided to a job at the Oakland temple - working my way through college doing an energy management study on the temple. They save millions over time- 
  • After study at  universities as Cal Poly, UC Berkeley,  Antioch and BYU with the unfolding of my career, I kept getting direction from God, to leave one job after another - as if being prepared for some important work, 
  • On a trip through the Salt Lake Temple around 1980, I feel impressed that I will work in Salt Lake and work on a historical building at some time in the future- not the Salt Lake temple.
  • In 1989, I receive a powerful answer to prayer to leave my job running a college facilities program and move from California to Utah. I did not want to live in Utah so I was sure that was one reason for the strong impression. The California earthquake comes the day after I resign my career positon. 
  • In 1993, after teaching in public schools for several years, I feel to  pursue graduate studies helping to develop part time family centered schools to support home schoolers (at BYU in 1994) - respecting parents as the primary educators of children. 
  •  My former wife, is born the 15 of May,  the day the Aaronic Priesthood was restored, a descendent of Asael Smith - Joseph's grandfather, through the Jesse. N. Smith line. She  said in 1993, she felt strong impressions to use the Smith trust funds to support this work at BYU for about 7 years from 1993 to 2000. In 1997, we find a site for our  lab school and finish construction. It is next to the LDS motion picture studio. She felt promoted to use the generous funds we been entrusted with  from the Smith family- funds that we were told we could do whatever we wished with. 
  • I had initially declined the funds in 1989, but my wife was  given them anyway, and I felt these were God's funds and asked what His will was for them. We both agreed to seek prayerfully how to use them and not use them if we did not agree. 
  • In about 1989, I was shown a small school building that was a composite of one lower building on the left  or west and another higher building to the right (or east). In 1997 we built this facility -joined together with an upper floor that connected the left and right facilities. Back in 1989, the  image of these two facilities lingered with me for some time, this vision coming back to me again and again. It would be ten years later, we found such a facility next to the LDS motion picture studio, and re-built this east-wests neighborhood  education center into a beautiful center for families... a lab school for home school - school partnerships - supporting parents and heavenly promptings as the primary educators.  We operated this Alta Vista Education center through a class council process, we set up  student film labs, a performing arts program, with a variety of ways to teach the universal language of math, We focused much like Waldorf schools on HOW to learn, not what to learn. Those who came - learned how to do research - ask questions, - work in councils,  explore emotional health, and enjoy the performing arts. 
  • In about 1999 I am taught by the spirit for three days - key links between our emotional health and our learning and health. I  know this is part of the work of Elijah. I feel what I learned could change how we see health and medicine. This unfolds into discovering the learning within each of us, and the simple definition of bring forth from within. 
  • Great opposition came against this work with serious threats to harm the children and we close the center for the safety of the children. A few years later- it is sold n 2004 to the LDS Church for the motional picture studio use. They paid market value of 695K with part paid  in cash and $150k of tithing credit. I felt prompted about the tithing credit issues, and that it will help start an important work some day. More about  this story at another time.  
  • in the year 2000 I was given a powerful witness and vision of this work we started with graduate work continuing in the future -starting in China -  and replacing the systems of the world as they failed. I am told I would help leaders of churches and nations and be in a parallel role to the Prophet. I did not act on this vision for almost ten years,as it seemed contrary to tradition, and as I was being moved by the spirit from one job to another. 
  • My mother Nancy Tripp Kilmer passes away in 2001. Before she passes away she share with me what she was learning as death nears. She said while doing Tai Chi with a neighbor, that she discovered , that while she lost her beauty physically with cancer, she discovered her beauty within just before death. I realized mom worried about her physical beauty during her life and this was a healing moment for her. 
  • 2001, I am guided to work as a director of a leading mental health center. I felt the Lord help with major changes their, developing council's and doing simple improvements to bring major health improvements. I am told to leave after two years and am later hired from a selection of 20 candidates to supervise the State Capitol operations during the major renovations. 
  •  While running the Utah state Capitol facilities operations under four governors during major renovation -- in 2010, I felt to travel to see my father in California and see the Living Light Institute. My mothers press was felt before the trip and the name Simple Living Centers comes to me and keeps returning again and again. While on this trip names of one organization kept coming to me and my own mind came  up with speculation about this ..then I received a clear prompting to ask the names of two organizations, and at this time I felt  the presence of many or multitudes from the spirit world of Chinese background, and felt the presence of Joseph, Emma and many others. I feel the experience is to sacred to write about. I was told to ask two names and was given clarity by the spirit - of two names of organizations to start. One was local - the other international.  One was Simple Living Centers (plural) , the other was Habitat for Health. I am not sure what Simple Living Centers are. Months later, I felt the presence of a being from the other side and later learned he is John , ...that was left on the earth to prepare the world for the second coming. He came to me while in the Timpanogos temple and whispered to  me the three aspects of the financial model for this organization and helping those in need, and other key details ----I learn this is a work for a grass roots work for  tipping the consciousness of communities to providing local needs and food producing economiies. --and that this work can be led  by a small group of people with Habitat for Healths  support. (I am impressed women will start this) 
  • in 2011, having felt for some time I will marry someone from China, I meet and attend the temple with Suhsin Tu. We decide to marry shortly after doing sealings in the temple. 
  • In about 2013, while in the Jordan River Temple -leaving the celestial room, the spirit witnesses to me again and again, that the Simple Living Centers are the seven centers of light within each of us and when teaching with the hand that should be clear-The kingdom of God within. These combine one spiritual light  from the heavens and a power circling up from the earth - like two magnets --and I am impressed they operate  with complete integrity. ]
  • Hyrum Smith appears to me in my home in Milcreek, dressed in white, - before leaving to Taiwan, telling me that Hyrum figures will come to me to help support this work. Chris Caldwell a return missionary from Taiwan feels prompted to live by our family.
  • Much unfolded, slowly ..line up line ..with visitations from beings in the spirit world, and very instructive dreams while in Taiwan. 
  • In 2016, my wife and I feel to go live in Taiwan where my wife is from and witnesses continue to come. 
  • In March of 2017, Jesus Christ visits me personally while in the Korea temple, indicating this is part of the vision of Isaiah as he saw the last days and foresaw a Davidic servant to prepare the way for the eternal Davidic King Jesus Christ. Click here for a work for our day.  I felt his friendship. He shows me by quiet example that leadership is service to others and quiet example. A feeling of encompassing love comes with this experience while in Korea  in March of 2017 and James Thompson feels the witness of that event .After repeated prompting and following the release of the Church video that the Church wants the entire world to know about the Political Kingdom of God, I receive repeated promptings to Proclaim this work to endowed members of the Church and visit with the stake president about this. He encourages his wife to followup with me and my wife.  Chris Caldwell and I  Proclaimed this work to the world while in Taiwan ROC. Some were open to it, others were worried about keeping busy to make money. Later, I moved to Illinois in 2017, and shared this with leaders and churches there. Native indians were open to this as were a few locals, yet it was rejected by the church leaders - generally speaking. They show interest, but believe otherwise.  I continue to hope that through the trails ahead we can begin to prepare more as communities. 

My name is Christopher Caldwell. I am a striving faithful member of the LDS church, striving faithful husband and striving loving father of one. I served a two year mission in Taiwan learning the Mandarin language, and upon returning from my mission in 2011, returned to my college institution in Provo and felt prompted to go to the Chinese ward. Upon entering, I met a Mr. David Cassani in which I felt the spirit bare a powerful witness to me, that whatever he is doing project wise, I must help him and be a support; in which I've been involved with David and this project since 2012 to now.

I have a testimony of this work we are engaged in, and have received a personal witness regarding Ezekiel 34:23 and how David Cassani is called to do this work. I cannot impress upon you how many time I have had spiritual impression upon spiritual impression working with David on his divine calling. 


  • I suggest you take your time, look around, open your minds and hearts, and learn all there is to know about us and this movement. I have been told to Proclaim this to the world. I share it with no interest in fame or fortune.... Just to do the will of my Father in Heaven and serve mankind. I have found miracles do and will attend this work and feel as if I am being guided daily by those on the other side.  We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line if you want to learn with us. We have meetings weekly as a leadership team, and your questions or contributions can be a big part of this work. This is a team effort with a few specifics given for it.
  • This is a work from the grass roots - up to the heavens. I sincerely witness of the help of the heavens, our ancestors, and the inspired works of this earth - in doing this. To those that oppose this work as delusional or of man,  I hear your message. I would not have believed it -  if it did not happen to me and if I did not see support from history that I have. Relying on your own divine guidance and the inspiration that comes in councils - are comforts in carrying out this work.  Those on the other side will assist us.  ALL voices are apart of  this movement. I believe this organization will help carry humble followers of God or simple living - through the trials of these last days and be key to our physical salvation. As for spiritual salvation - each may have their own religious views and we invite you to join this work - as this will need the leadership of the wholehearted valiant ones that feel and/or receive calls to this work. I solemnly share my witness that key pieces of this fiscal plan came from John, as did the focus on the seven centers of the body. They each have spiritual - emotional tests that only heaven can orchestrate.  This being who shared this - I believe was the same John that wrote the Book of Revelation, and is preparing mankind for the coming of Jesus Christ. He has come to me from another realm regarding this work- on repeated occasions. I solemnly testify of this.

Some reflections.

Transition Towns Cheerful Disclaimer

I was drawn to this quote when lead to a group called Transition Town US, a movement that started in Europe after world war II in England when much of their infrastructure had been destroyed.

"Just in case you were under the impression that Transition is a process defined by people who have all the answers, you need to be aware of a key fact......
What we are convinced of is this:

  • If we wait for the governments, it'll be too little, too late
  • If we act as individuals, it'll be too little
  • But if we act as communities, it might just be enough, just in time. "

This movement is for ordinary  People like you

The Prophet Joseph Smith

  • The Prophet Joseph Smith made an astounding declaration in a discourse he gave in 1843:

“The book of Revelation is one of the plainest books God ever caused to be written.”5Certainly to God, or to John the apostle, or even to Joseph Smith, Revelation was a “plain” book; but most of us in the world do not have the knowledge and power to gain such an insight.

Those not inclined to this message

Please be respectful of those that may not be inclined to accept this at this time.  Quiet example and shifting how we talk about life, food, agency, the body, health and revelation will naturally open hearts and discussion in time. Having peace that all will come in the Lord's time and not through our personal ambition of self will is key to this unfolding work.  

Reflections from a Scientist: My father in Law.

My father  in law, a leading physics from Stanford involved in the development of the cancer machine, invited me to tour the linear accelerator one day. I had contemplated a degree at Berkeley in physics, but decided on a more practical everyday career in facility management and energy management. 

Karl (Brown) shared with me how they have identified something within all elements. In addition to protons and nuetrons, they found something they called chi, an energy field in all particles that networks somehow intelligently with other particles. 

In writing Karls history, I reflected on his commitment to a 24-7 career, but found that his best and key ideas came when he was on vacation, relaxing from the stress of daily work. Karl's work is used worldwide in cancer machines.