Finding Hope - A New Way of Life . . .

Do we see our homes as just investments --designing, landscaped, and furnishing to appeal to the world economy, or is there a new economy of change - another that produce energy, food, and healing foods and herbs. Homes of learning, homes of faith, ordered after the seven centers of life? 

Homes for Health

Create a Simple Living Center

Your home can become a simple living center. These are centers quietly applying these principles, emerging to more living food production, education, and re-skilling our youth and communities. I am available in Provo or online to help families with transitioning to healthier homes, food producing homes, centers for neighborhood education. 

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Get educated about your food supply

A key film, I would encourage all to watch Food Inc.......very powerful film about what is happening to our international and local food system. Check it out at a local library. . Click here. 

Food for Healing and Awakening

Here is a great link for mothers in the home, and for your college age students some new thoughts on careers.  One of the largest studies done on nutrition. We are starting to see doctors using food as the first medicine. Training MD's, nurses, parents, and nutritionists. Click here.

A new economy of abundance.

Do not live within your budget. Live within a budget of abundance, An economoy of sharing and cooperation that is beyond our economic system. Community supported agriculture is a wonderful movement around the country. Get connect, buy shares of a local farm, visit with your family, volunteer, work with local schools. See link.

Check out the local bike coop. 

For the Lean Farm, small scale farms, here is another link. 

Produce food, energy, and life.

Four season gardening is a wonderful website for growing year round. Click here. 

Find simple ways to conserve and produce energy in the home. Check into local energy production with solar. 

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Be quiet and let the spirit guide you

Learn the language of listening within. Help your children. What healthy foods does your body want? Can my career be inline with my desires and health? Am I in a path of fear - based on competition and scarcity or abundance and faith? How can I listen to my families healthy desires and needs when they are so different. How can I recreate our kitchen to make simple options more available?

Important Documentary - In Defense of Food

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Back to Eden

Can it be easy.

Homes for Health: Simple Living centers - under construction

Teach the seven simple living centers

Simply taught with the hand, the proper use of authority, and how this unfolds into following inner peace, with fruits of joy, and trust. This unfolds into learning about each living center in the body. 

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Fresh air

Topics cover fresh air filtering, changing the air in a home, exhaust fans, energy conservation, with cooling systems, heating systems, appliances, and simple tools for diffusing oils. 

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Water filters, trace minerals in water, ph machines, sprouting water, neighborhood water machines, evaporative cooling and humidity issues. 

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Living Foods

Purchasing options, producing living foods in the kitchen, garden and community. Processing tools, and working with neighbors. 

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Emergency energy sources, energy conservation, lighting, greenhouses, passive and active solar options. 

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Gardening of learning.