God's hand will look different than you think

God's hand will look different than you think

To endowed women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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My challenge to all of us is that we get “anxiously engaged” in the good cause of preparing ourselves both spiritually and temporally to be able to assist in building the official Zion when the Lord sees fit to instruct his prophet.  BuildingZion.org

If we insist on waiting to be “compelled in all things” Zion, we shall be as the five foolish virgins.

This work is rooted in our history, a history few have learned about... A history that was kept in the First Presidencies office until November of 2010.,.... when the minutes of the Political Kingdom of God were released for publication - 

Scholars and even general authorities disagree among themselves on this topic of the second coming. Some believe Nephi was told not to speak of it. It was intended that way, that agency may be exercised - and this work would only develop on ones relationship and personal revelation from God.

As you take time to explore this site, you will learn what some say about the prophet Isaiah.... that this is a work foreseen to come out of the east, and as we learn in Church history,.... come during politically turbulent times in the last days... prior to the second coming.  This is a work we are told from Church presidents... that would be SEPARATE from the Church but come out of it, and out of Judah. 

In the spring of the year 2000, I received a power through my entire being that came up from the earth ---a powerful witness that came up my entire body showing in stages so to speak... showing me me how a neighborhood learning center we had built and later sold to the Church - would be a model like facility that would help feed nations. I resisted what came  up as it go higher within me, as I knew those close to me would reject it and I did not understand it at the time, but the spirit prompted me to receive it and speak with complete integrity - what I was receiving. I then said what I was told .. that is that I would be in a parallel role to the prophet, and in a prophetic role for a temporal organization- so me  kind of international non profit organization that would work with leaders of all churches and nations.  I set this aside and admittedly was considered delusional by most family members....but I could not deny what I received. Ten years later while running the Utah State Capitol operations, I traveled to California and in the spring of 2010, I was then given - feeling the presence of Joseph - Emma and others - names for the political kingdom of God and the Kingdom of God within each of us - two keys to the fullness of the Gospel, given to Joseph and symbolically put in the endowment just before he died.  This was followed by a visitation from Hyrum Smith years later, and by the Savior Himself in March of 2017 while in the Korean temple. John the Revelator had come earlier in 2010, and revealed keys to an economic plan or an economy for neighborhoods and this international work to help create Zion like communities. Names for key organizations were given and I was instructed to complete a business plan for this work- ministered to frequently as I did it.  This summer in 2018, dreams and visions and revelations have  continued and come to myself and others related to this work. I encourage you to read the Summer Fall Newsletter when it come out  in the next weeks.  


This is a call for endowed women to help them connect with their temples and the temples today. In 1999, in finishing graduate work at BYU, I asked the Lord for direction regarding a family learning center we  felt guided to build to strengthen homes. Revelation came, more than I could ever imagine over the last 18 years.   

Learn about the three layers of understanding regarding the Kingdom of God, . . .learn a simple - agency based way to feed our children,. (Health in the navel) . . learn how you can help transition not only your home, but your neighborhood and in time your community using power of example, and  connecting to the Kingdom of God... within-  connecting the Heavenly Church ..on earth as it is in heaven. 

As revealed from the Prophet Joseph Smith to a mortal David in our day, . . ...  Simple Living Centers are a vision for neighborhood homes and neighborhood centers that will someday dot the earth.....for now they are to begin in home - home used as centers of education and health...  education by example or light and truth... 

Learn how this in time . . .is an economic and spiritual model for a vision for  neighborhood temples most can walk to. 

Sisters and Brotthers.... this is a work that begins with women changing the language of the home and the language of health. This is a work based on individual integrity emotionally within each of us, and a work that will not be endorsed by the Church, as agency is key to our growth, testing and living a more exalted way of life here on earth. The Lord in His wisdom and unfolded this work with symbolic messages in the temple and for our own temples. This is a work to live the fullness of the gospel with all our heart and all the centers of life within us as found in the two great commandments. I am your servant in helping you educate your family and communities in this wonderful cause. I have been instructed to teach this to women and mothers that are endowed -  on line and through the web at this time. 

Sincerely Your brother and His servant.

David Cassani

David Andrew Cassani 1956 -

A guided Career.

I have been an active striving member of the Church since I was baptized. I have served in three bishoprics, and generally taught priesthood or youth. I served a mission to Washington DC about a year after joining the Church. I then married a recent convert and Joseph Smith relative through Asael his grandfathers.  We had 5 children and my wife was guided to adopt four from China, I see now in preparation for a work we had coming out of the east. For years, I wondered what the Lord was preparing me for -prompting me to leave one good job after another.  In addition to  experience running temples, colleges, health centers, and then the capitol, I also taught school and was a principal for a lab school run by the council process, and agency based education.  Guidance came over decades, line upon line. I left my career in 2010, being told the names for what I learned years later are the political Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of God within as referred to by the Savior as within each of us.

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Learn how I learned of this work early in life.

Early in my life, it was impressed to me that God's work was simple.  At the age of 17, the first time I read the Book of Revelation, I was take to the other side and shown it was all simple. Years earlier the moment the Book of Mormon was placed in my hands, the spirit told me it was  true. With this work, I can see how it is the most correct book written. During my mission, I was prompted to listen to my body regarding what I ate, and marvelous powers and the Love of God enveloped me for months. I understood the Prophet Joseph's life in a new light. Those looking for the truth were attracted to us and it seemed the work moved to a celestial level and I learned celestial laws.   Other witnesses came early, of a work you can read of  in MY STORY, but young as I was, I cast them off feeling the heavens could not work through such a simple unknown person.

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He that has eyes to see . . .

Compasses, Circles, and Squares are age old symbols. In 2000,  2010, and 2015,  I learned through powerful and quiet witnesses of the Political Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of God within each of us - developing that kingdom within us as part  living in a more exalted state while on this earth - learn ing to have the Presence of God (plural) with us - always. Over time, came the release of the Council of Fifty papers, and I could see Joseph was given this work or fullness, needed before the second coming. It was largely rejected by the Church and people of the day, yet keys were designed into the endowment for future generations to recognize.  He (Joseph) was told of the Living Constitution within each of us, vital for the councils to work.  .... vital for our health, and part of the fullness lost by most the Saints. Joseph was led to symbolically put this in the temple initiatory and endowment, so those with with eyes to see and hears to hear, could discover this in preparation for the second coming.... a work to come from a John on the other side of the veil, and a David on this side of the veil. 

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As revealed for our time -

As revealed this is a grass root movement around the world of what I was told are to be called Simple Living Centers ---centers built in three phases showing us the power of living foods --foods full of living enzymes and life giving, generationally healing foods. 

Foods that can become key to our energy -our healing, our first medicine- our divine union with others.  Foods that can awaken us to our work on the earth, change our local economies, change our way of life, 

To do this another political system was foreseen, a neighborhood model for change that starts with mothers teaching their children this simple language of life.  A political movement centered within us, centered in peace, centered in integrity, and the connection between or bodies and our spirits, between councils and our health, between heaven and earth.  (see Ezekiel 34). 

This is a call to women to lead by quiet example --what is to become a  new political movement, centered in the Kingdom within each of us as you will learn in this website. 

Joseph …”declared that this theocracy was essential to that restoration, stating that “This is the only thing that can bring about the “restitution of all things, spoken of by all the holy prophets since the world was” – “the dispensation of the fullness of times, when GOD shall gather together all things in one.” 3

Review the white horse prophecy. Twin white horses - one was given to Joseph and another to a Davidic servant before the coming of Christ. I have received this work from Joseph. I have been visited by Hyrum Smith and told the Hyrum like figures will come and support me in this work. They have come and testimonies are included in this site. 

The council (political Kingdom of God) was formally organized in March of 1844 and in addition to its longer formal name was also referred to as the “Council of Fifty”, the “Living Constitution” and the “Kingdom of God”. 

These three names for the Kingdom of God are clarified in this website, and have been revealed for our time. Take this message when you attend the temple and let the spirit speak to you and bring guidance to you. You must allow yourself to work with complete integrity with your emotions within you. 

Consider if this is the fullness spoken of by John needed in preparation for the second coming. See D & C 93. 


The culture of food production, rooted in the 50's and 60's is no longer feeding us, as much at it is feeding economic needs. This was foreseen anciently. (see Ezekiel 34) Today's system of food production does not fit our very temples within us.  Could  the very foods we eat be one test of our time. Transition can come not just in food, but in fully living the laws of the Gospel, the word of Wisdom, the laws of consecration, higher laws of chastity, sacrifice and obedience. As you live such laws, all you need will be provided as your discover your work on the earth.Often good things are a test.  We can change, letting go of something some many call "good" for some far greater, something that may be the difference between the glory of the moon, and the sun. 

I witness of this work and have been given priesthood blessing that miracle small and great will accompany this work. I have been given blessing that President Monson would help me when first given this work. I later sent it to the First Presidency in August of 2010. Learn what happened three months later as y our read the history of this work. 

Our prophet, President Nelson has called upon us to remodel our homes and enlarge of capacity to receive revelation. Learn another way to feed our children. Another path to peace within. A guidance within each of us, that when understood, will lead to all things we need in righteousness. 

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The Kingdom of God . .

Consider what has been revealed regarding the Kingdom of God within each of us. 

A movement foreseen, to be led by mothers teaching their children

Connections of this work to the endowment clearly started coming to me in 2013 and 2014. I met with my bishop regularly to tell him what was happening to me. I felt like the Lord was showing me -a simple understanding of the signs and tokens as they related to a latter day work revealed to the Prophet Joseph in his day, but first I want to say.... for reasons of agency and needed tests of faith this work is not endorsed by the Church and wisely - needs to be something the Saints learn through personal revelation and trust in God 

I learned three symbolic Kingdoms of God are represented in the endowment. The political kingdom on the left, the Kingdom within in the center, and the religious Kingdom on the right. I then looked into Church History and this is what I found. 

The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that "the throne and kingdom of David is to be taken from him and given to another by the name of David in the last days, raised up out of his lineage" (TPJS, p. 339). This is my story told as honestly as I can. My Name is David Cassani. I have been active in the Church all my adult life working in many bishoprics and ofen teaching Priesthood lessons or youth.In 1980, my former wife, an Asael Smith descendent, received a witness from the Holy Ghost to marry me in 1980. Of no coincidence she was born the same day and month the Aaronic Priesthod was restored. Years later, she felt prompted to use Smith funds we received to support this work at BYU from 1994 to 1999. Equally significant to me was that my Jewish step mother married to my father Raymond Cassani, previously named Joyce Diamond,  was my "spiritual mother", connected spiritually in a way that was beyond religious traditions, or religious precepts of men. It was as if we both we part of a heavenly church, and heavenly guided work, and higher simple language of life and awakened qualities of this life.

Earlier in my life, near the time of my mission, I was told  that I would lead a movement to bring people back to the simple ways of God in preparation for the second coming. While admittedly, I doubted such a work for someone as obscure as I, additional witnesses, messengers from heaven,  and divine guidance continued to come over time line upon line.   I was in wonder of how the Lord was unfolding this to me.I would encourage all sisters to take time with this website to ponder it and pray. This is your time in the "history" of the world to lead a work, a grassroots work, coming up from the earth. The first will be last the the last will be first. 

In time, we hope to improve our tools that you help us  share this message with film. I am your servant in this cause, called by the Lord personally in March of 2017 while in the Korea Temple. 

This website is for endowed women and mothers of youth, and parts will be closing for the general public. As you read it, I can understand much as Joseph said,.. . I would not have believed this had it not happened to me. I urge each of you to find your own witness of this work, not only through academic or intellectual means, but through living it and seeking with all your heart to follow our Savior. This is a work that restores the roots of the  political Kingdom of God, (left). and as I learned - more importantly, the keys to the fulness or Kingdom "within" that was lost in part by the Saints in the early days of the Church. Learn of keys to our health and ways to enlarge your capacity to receive revelation. Learn of how to remodel your home, in patterns with the temple within each of us. This is a central work hinted of in the endowment for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Learn of the Living Constitution revealed to Joseph Smith. Learn what has come for creating Zion communities as we prepare for the second coming ..and how you may better use more time on the Sabbath for this work.  This work has come to a latter day David on this side of the veil working with  John of the other side of the veil, the same John the wrote the Book of Revelation and revealed the simple nature of that book to me in 1973 when I first read it.

“And John saw and bore record of the fullness of my glory, and the fullness of John's record is hereafter to be revealed. And it shall come to pass that if you are faithful you shall receive the fullness of the record of John.” (D&C 93:6, 18).

With regard to starting the political Kingdom of God, and understanding the fulness spoken of by John the revelator, what came first was the fulness -revealed by a visit from Joseph and Emma to a mortal David in our time. .. revealing an  understanding or keys of  the Kingdom "within"  . or what I was told ...are to be called Simple Living Centers.  Prayer will help you receive keys of understanding why this theocractic roots are so vital to help government, vital to exaltation, and the vital to facing the tests of our time. These key are so vital to  a health political process almost lost in our day. This understanding will increase your capacity to receive revelation, - deepen how your read the scriptures on new levels and help you see new layers of inner meaning in the Gospel...helping you with greater clarity to  prepare your homes and communities for the Saviors return. 

You can learn.. this was revealed to Joseph just before his death, and again has come in these last days to a David foreseen to receive it. For over 40 years this work has been unfolding to me, line upon line... I am  an obscure David, yet it has been revealed that the angel start up group for starting a local and international health and food system ... is to begin through the faithfulness of  Endowed women and their youth - starting a worldwide movement for health, and town transition. A work that begins within each of us --regarding our temples and building temples. This may not make sense now, but give it time and see how it fits into one whole picture with Church history and current Prophetic revelation through President Nelson. 

 To learn more you can email me for updates at davidcassani1@mac.com.  Here is what you might expect to find in this website.

  • Discover clarity regarding the three "Kingdoms of God" and how they  are key to the fulness fo the Gospel
  • Learn of the fulness  of the Gospel revealed for our health and in preparation for increasing your capacity to receive revelation and understand the simplicity of the endowment. 
  • Discover what Joseph Smith said about the Living Constitution and why is it central to the political Kingdom of God and Kingdom of God within each of us. Our tabernacles or Temples are within us and the fulness is with Mother and Father in heaven.
  • Learn guidelines or principles  to help you remodel your homes into patterns consistent with the Kingdom of God within or Simple Living Centers.
  • Learn about Living plant based foods and how vital they are for cleansing our own selves and generational issues. Learn key symbolism regarding  Health in the navel. 
  • Discover what has been revealed to mothers regarding how to teach their children with AGENCY, and develop conscious children, and how to prepare their temples for the temple. 
  • Discover how a small group of youth and mothers can lead a timely and simple food-health movement to transition communities- indeed transition them to the pattern revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith with the Home and temples as the main centers of education.
  • Consider if  the change in schedule the current Church schedule is a window of time to develop Simple Living Centers in neighborhoods??. 
  • Learn the fiscal model given by John for transitioning and tipping communities and learn how it was revealed in the Timpanogos temple.
  • Develop a local economy with neighbors, moving  toward Zion communities and a system in place as   others may collapse or fail. 
  • Learn why those of the continental USA endowed women are called to start this movement and how this was revealed to come from the east. 
  • Learn how your work and faith  can help open the gospel in China. 
  • Explore with us what you are learning about the fullness, and the heavenly Church that is being prepared for this earth and how there are higher positive laws of life, consecration, chastity, obedience... all found in the two great commandments.  (Site editing and construction in progressC

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Gather Together in One All Things

ELder Bednar October 2018 - He spoke of the Lord's patterns and for those that have eyes to see, to see.

He spoke of having eyes to see and ears to hear. He used a rope with seven colored strains as an example or decades of changes woven into one whole message, beginning in  1978. As we learn of the Kingdom of God within each one of us, we discover the heart, or breast center of life,  receiving pure and virtuous principles. ... or God's love within bounds that have been given. 

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Seven symbols and seven cups were used.

click here.   All the Lord's work "fitley framed and woven together."  Interestingly, President Nelson was awaken last conference just before announcing the new temples, and a Seventh was added by the Lord ....the India Temple. 

He spoke of the Lord revealing a higher way.

Two ropes for symbolism were used. One with four strains and one with seven. A higher way. 

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The Political Kingdom of God and Kingdom of God within...The Church of Jesus Christ

Learn more about the patterns of the Lord. Needed patterns so those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can ask and KNOW. 

With regard to our stewardship in helping communities and with regard to healthy living - that increases our capacity to received revelation, ...this website has come forth in our day... from a David on one side of the veil and a John on the other side of the veil.... ..in preparation for the second coming. The fulness, a heavenly Church, the three Kingdoms working together...  needed for this preparation.

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Elder Bednar Dream

Dream of Elder Bednar in a wheel chair

I received a very detailed dream just before confirmation of this work by  the Savior in the Korea Temple in March of 2017. Elder Bednar, in a wheel chair, was addressing a full congregation of Saints that were sitting down in a lower section of a main chapel, the level of the chapel seemed below ground level.  Up on the left just above the congregation, I was holding up a simple cut out circle of the world, and he asked, What is that? I said it was a simple way to see the world. He came toward me and by me, with a overweight woman that was dressed like a nurse on his left and a large man (Like a Samoan) on his right, assisting him as he went up the stairs that circled back around to the head of the congregation, but a higher  level than before. He was full of energy and seemed to be getting up with his chair quickly, and those assisting him were burdened by their large bodies, the woman on his left not keeping up and falling behind, and the man on his right, keeping up but struggling to. As he ascended to the top the dream ended. 

There are many messages here for those how may have ears to hear and eyes to see, but one simple message is that the Church is intended to give us direction from above regarding of salvation and needed temple ordinances. In the minutes of the Political Kingdom of God released from the First Presidencies office just three months after sending them the message the Lord gave me, we read in these minutes the Lord said a separate work was revealed to come forth, separate from the Church, UP FROM THE EARTH, and part of the fulness to come before the second coming. This was revealed to me to be  the Political Kingdom of God, and with that has first been revealed keys to the Kingdom of God ...within or our Simple Living Centers  - this name revealed to me by Joseph Smith for our day.  

 In that light it may be helpful to   see why the Church can not say much about this, and why we must make decisions on our own in our path toward a more exalted way of life, guided by our hearts, guided by the charity that we receive from God in that area of our divine temples within us, expanding to all centers of life within us, and purifying us as we prepare for His coming. 

Two others closely involved with this work received key dreams. One related to using an axe to remove one lower fence to build a higher fence, and another related to the two white horses ..I believe  this signifies one white horse that came to the Prophet Joseph and another twin white horse the came in our day in preparation for the second coming. The summer/fall newsletter has more on this. 

When community comes from what we receive in our hearts

We can begin to discover the Kingdom of God . . . . within....

and move away from a check list, mentality.... 

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