Learn why Joseph and Emma came to me in 2010 and a separate parallel work to the Church foreseen by Joseph

Learn why Joseph and Emma came to me in 2010 and a separate parallel work to the Church foreseen by Joseph


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My Story... Joseph's Story.. A health-food movement (NGO) revealed for our day.

My name is brother David Cassani. I was strongly prompted to leave my engineering career in 1989 and go  into the field of education - and do graduate work at BYU.Just after finishing graduate work in Educational Leadership at BYU in 1999, in the year 2000, I received a powerful witness and vision of a future work that I learned was to be separate from the Church and yet come out of the Church -from  the east and up from the earth - like a grass roots movement to be started by endowed Sisters in the Church. I share this with no personal ambition, but being obedient to repeated promptings to share this unfolding work. 

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  • As revealed, I was told a small education center my former wife and I  started in 1997  with Smith funds, was the beginning of a work that  would  unfold as a pattern in neighborhoods around the world and help feed nations -- as the systems of the world  struggled or as our global supply systems were disrupted. 

  •  In the year 2000, I  was told  what I was doing  was unfolding to bring forth  a parallel work to the Church. yet admittedly, when I received this,  I had no idea what a parallel work to the Church was and set the  experience aside, not acting on it for some time.   Ten years later - added  pieces of this puzzle were unfolded to me - a key piece came in 2010, when I was clearly  feeling the presence of Joseph and Emma Smith  and multitudes of others of Chinese ancestry.

  • At that time I was told two names (Simple Living Centers first, and Habitat for Health next). It was impressed on my mind repeatedly to  leave my job running operations at the State Capitol  to complete a business plan for these organizations. Later came  an actual visitation from Hyrum Smith dressed in white. Others as John the Revelator gave me the fiscal model at one time and in a vision the second time. The Savior himself confirmed my calling while in the temple,,  and friends of mine from my mission who had passed away, came to me in vision ...to remind me of this  worldwide mission in my life.  
  •  I wondered or waited on the Lords witnesses for how this was to start. Repeated witness have come that  endowed Sisters were to start this in their homes and neighborhoods and sharing it with other endowed sisters as prompted.  I was shown how a small group of people  can (in the Lords time and way- working with a local and international  organization- tip the consciousness of entire communities to a new way of life.  Click here for the business plan. 

  • ---I learned later, keys to understanding this  work by trusting in inner guidance. This is a work the Savior spoke of regarding our divine nature,  the Kingdom of God within each of us - and how this relates to the operation of the Political Kingdom of God...  increasing our capacity to receive revelation as President Nelson has suggested. 

  • When Joseph received this fulness of the Gospel, he  said the Living Constitution was within them, and just as the Savior said the Kingdom of God was within, few if any understood this fulness.  Joseph Revealed this Living Constitution or Kingdom "within" to me in 2010 and the Daily Readings will help you see what has unfolded.  (D & C: 93)

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Daily readings

Daily Readings are updated each month. Days 1-29 will have new links added and be simplified for translation . Consider  how this work is unfolding and how the heavens are ministering to Sisters and youth called to this work in our day. 

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Revealed to Joseph

The pattern of openness and integrity in councils.

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On earth as in Heaven

This can happen. A vision given by John for town transition.

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Health and the Kingdom within

Returning to the simple ways of God. Teaching with the hand

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David Andrew Cassani 1956 -

A guided Career.


I have been an active striving member of the Church since I was baptized. I have served in three bishoprics, and generally taught priesthood or youth. I served a mission to Washington DC about a year after joining the Church. I then married a recent convert and Joseph Smith relative through Asael his grandfathers.  We had 5 children and my wife was guided by visitations from those of chinese ancestry adopt four additional children from China, I see now- this was  in preparation for a work I  had that was foreseen as coming out of the east and up  from the eath. For years, I wondered what the Lord was preparing me for -prompting me to leave one good job after another.  Admittedly, I argued with him a bit, but learned over time to trust and learn.  In addition to  jobs running temple facilities, colleges, high rises, mental health centers, and then the capitol, I also taught school and was a principal for a lab school the spirit guided us to start. 

This  educational lab school or education  center was governed by the student and teacher council process, or what we called agency based education.  I learned later this was  much the pattern for the political Kingdom of God. 

For this work, guidance came line upon line ...over decades,  I left my career in 2010, being told the names for what I learned years later are the political Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of God within - -- within each of us. The fulness of the Gospel was revealed to me.

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Learn how I learned of this work early in life.


Early in my life, it was impressed to me that God's work was simple.  At the age of 17, the first time I read the Book of Revelation, I was take to the other side and shown it was all simple. Years earlier the moment the Book of Mormon was placed in my hands, the spirit told me it was  true. With this work, I can see how it is the most correct book written. During my mission to Washington DC, I was prompted to listen to my body regarding what I ate, to love my companion and keep the rules, At this time  a marvelous power and the Love of God enveloped me for months. As this happened, I felt I understood the Prophet Joseph's life in a new light. As far as missionary work, those looking for the truth and those honest in heart ...were attracted to us and it seemed the work moved to a higher "celestial" level where  I learned celestial laws.   Other witnesses came earlier in my life of this unfolding work. 

Sometime near my mission days,  I went to a talk on the last days and was told by the speaker ...before the talk they were told by the spirit of a  man whose name was like the House of David and  how he would in the future travel from one state to another and be given a work to bring people back to the simple ways of God before the second coming. I entirely forgot the experience until it was returned to me in the winter of 2010, sometime after I was given names for this work feeling the presence of Joseph, and Emma and many many others. 

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He that has eyes to see . . .


I was taken to the other side and show much of the symbolism we learn is simple when understood with this work. Compasses, Circles, and Squares are age old symbols. In 2000,  2010, and 2015,  I learned through powerful and quiet witnesses of the Political Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of God within each of us - developing that kingdom within us as part  living in a more exalted state while on this earth - learn ing to have the Presence of God  with us - always. 

Over time, came the release of the Council of Fifty papers, and I could see Joseph was given this work or fullness, needed before the second coming and he had a work to continue through a latter day David. He and Hyrum seemed to have this work, as he named his last child Hyrum David. 

In joseph's day, this work was not understood or largely rejected by the Church --yet keys were designed into the endowment for future generations to recognize.  He (Joseph) was told of the Living Constitution within each of us, seven divine centers of life, and of the natural man within us, key or vital for the councils to work.  .... vital for our health, and part of the fulness lost by most the Saints. Joseph was led to symbolically put this in the temple experience so those with with eyes to see and ears to hear, could discover this  for themselves and learn to trust in personal revelation needed in preparation for the second coming.... a work to come from a John on the other side of the veil, and a David on this side of the veil. 

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Overview: Continued

  • I learned of a separate political work- separate from the Church that Joseph started before he died and that he foresaw that this work would come back - before the second coming. The two key pieces  for this  work  that the  Lord gave him were not fully embraced in his day, and  were symbolically put in the endowment for the spirit, to bring to  future generations by two  servants of the Lord---a  David on this side of the veil, and a John - on the other side of the veil,. This John was the same John the Revelator that  had his body changed in such a way  that he was  able  to remain on the earth and prepare the world in the last days for the Savor's return. He came to me in the Timpanogos temple in 2010, while living in Nauvoo in 2017,   and other times- ministering to me - knowing the details of what I was asked to do. 
  • As Joseph was given the temple ceremony - he foresaw simple pieces of a puzzle were needed to make sense of the temple experience,  and that it  would be a test of sorts. Would Saints who come to the temple seek to understand and communion with God receiving answers,. How does the temple experience bring all things into one whole picture. Will it ever make sense?  
  • From what Joseph revealed to me, came a  vision for the need for the world to return from the Tower of Babel times of confusion or in todays language, the complexity and confusion of our day --often driven by economic gain, to find  another way of life, a simple way and a simple language of health.. Often the language we use to describe our health determines if our minds are open or closed to receive revelation and learn to trust God or the world. 
  •  I was called by Joseph in 2010, and had this work confirmed by the Savior in 2017, to  start an international work to help communities anywhere they are called by the Savior, to return to a simple way of life... by creating  Zion food producing communities . Communities  needed  in preparation for the second coming; needed as the systems of the world moved in the opposite direction with the clear path toward self destruction or destruction from conflict among themselves.   

I learned this work is to be started by endowed Sisters uniting ---that it was a  work coming from the earth up like flowers in a field,  ---that it is a grass roots Political and Spiritual movement to be started by women and youth in neighborhoods around the world--beginning  in our homes . --a work foreseen to  endure through the millennium - foreseen to come during times of great political turmoil.-... a work  separate from - yet coming out of the Church  I solemnly testify  that this is the work of God. Those engaged in this are no better or different than anyone on earth, we each have a divine nature, yet we can choose a path of complete integrity with God, .. we can have our  eyes opened, taking us to a higher joyful way to  see this world and engage in this work- visiting and ministering to those that we are guided to. 

We learn  from the Prophet Isaiah-- who saw our last days, that the people of Edon, the descendants of Esau who sold his  birthright for a mess of pottage ----would be like those  or a type like those who fight against this work of Zion (Isaiah 34:8). May our hearts be softened to learn of this work, and may our souls seek to have complete integrity with God.... as we seek to learn  from the spirit and from the Simple Living Centers within or or the Kingdom within each of us, 

  • With Daily Readings, you can experience  with me how this work is unfolding  - a work God is revealing  to endowed Sisters and youth - that will increase their capacity to receive revelation as President Nelson has encouraged us, and will open a simple view of life, health,  and our temple of God within each of us.. 

  • This is a work for  leading-by quiet example - your families - and neighborhoods ..and when supported enough ....with the help of an international organizations, .....entire towns - can transition our way of life, and return to a simple ways of God, in prepare for the Coming of Jesus Christ. I learned this work was foreseen in Joseph's time and anciently by Isaiah and Ezekiel. - and is key to Zion food producing communities.

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Witnesses of this work.

 One sister in just reading about this work  told me...,  "my whole life made sense after reading about this project.".. 

Another former bishop and UVU fund raiser, said he started to receive revelation for his life in just reading a simple summary of the project.  

A past CFO of Provo City, and economics professor --in briefly learning of this project, said he started to receive revelation regarding D & C 45 and the last day gathering coming in the Utah deserts..

My name is Christopher Caldwell. I am a striving faithful member of the LDS church, striving faithful husband and striving loving father of one. I served a two year mission in Taiwan learning the Mandarin language, and upon returning from my mission in 2011, returned to my college institution in Provo and felt prompted to go to the Chinese ward. Upon entering, I met a Mr. David Cassani in which I felt the spirit bare a powerful witness to me, that whatever he is doing project wise, I must help him and be a support; in which I've been involved with David and this project since 2012 to now.

I have a testimony of this work we are engaged in, and have received a personal witness regarding Ezekiel 34:23 and how David Cassani is called to do this work. I cannot impress upon you how many time I have had spiritual impression upon spiritual impression working with David on his divine calling. 

Suhsin Tu testifies that understanding our natural man within us, and our emotions will lead us in a journey to know God.. 

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The Kingdom of God . .

Consider what has been revealed regarding the Kingdom of God within each of us. Which Kingdom are we to seek first?

A movement foreseen, to be led by mothers teaching their children

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Gather Together in One All Things


ELder Bednar October 2018 - He spoke of the Lord's patterns and for those that have eyes to see, to see.

He spoke of having eyes to see and ears to hear. He used a rope with seven colored strains as an example of decades of changes woven into one whole message, beginning in  1978. 

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Seven symbols and seven cups were used.

All the Lord's work "fitley framed and woven together."  Other reminders of seven have come to us. President Nelson was awaken last conference just before announcing the new temples, and a Seventh was added by the Lord just the night before conference, It was..the India Temple, an area known for centuries to use the seven centers or wheels of life.. 

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Elder Bednar spoke of the Lord revealing a higher way.

Two ropes for symbolism were used. One with four strains and one with seven. A higher way. 

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The Political Kingdom of God -- Kingdom of God within --The Church of Jesus Christ

Learn more about the patterns of the Lord. 

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Vision and Dreams for this work.


Dream of Elder Bednar in a wheel chair

I received a very detailed dream just before confirmation of this work by  the Savior in the Korea Temple in March of 2017. Elder Bednar, in a wheel chair, was addressing a full congregation of Saints that were sitting down in a lower section of a main chapel, the level of the chapel seemed below ground level.  Up on the left just above the congregation, I was holding up a simple cut out circle of the world, and he asked, What is that? I said it was a simple way to see the world. He came toward me to see it and then passed by me heading up some circular stairs to a higher level  in front of  the entire  Church congregation. As he ascended up, there was   an  overweight woman that was dressed like a nurse on his left atttempting to help him, and a large man (Like a Samoan) on his right, both assisting him as he went up the stairs that circled back around to the head of the congregation. As he passed by me his energy increased as if  gliding up the stairs in his wheel chair. The woman or nurse on his left  was  falling behind, and the man on his right, was keeping up but struggling with his extra weight. . As Elder Bednar  ascended to the top of the circular stair, and faced the congregation, the dream ended. 

If you feel to be part of the membership list and receive access to the ongoing dreams and visions of this work, email me at david@simplelivingcenters.com or davidcassani1@mac.com

On August 20, 2018 I was asked to begin this work


The Church of the Firstborn

I was prompted to declare in August 20th, of 2018, the Church of the Firstborn.  Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are part of a far larger heavenly organization called the Church of Jesus Christ, or as we are told in the Doctrine and Covenants - is to be called the Church of the Firstborn.  This is not something we pursue based on our timetable or ambition or goals setting skills.  As we learn to trust in God, develop a relationship of integrity with our Savior,  and seek to live the Gospel living a fully consecrated life, we will be given personal tests to progress to more and more light - growing from grace to grace. 

A butler is a graceful If a butler figure in may ways. The image that come is of a tall bulter, inviting us as parents and children in the right time to ascending from a busy mall of everyday life today....up into a tree of life that ascends high up above the leaves into another world of joy and learning and ways to connect our bodies and spirits such that they are sealed or bonded together with a language and complete intention of living with integrity, honestly -through following inner divinely created centers of life in each of us. 

As we do such,  the butler observes and serves those who become Kings and Queens, Priests and Priestesses.  Waiting on the Butler that opens the door to a new home, the heavenly Church and new way of life is key to this work.The butler having been loyal and involved throughout life, can help bring back to the conversation ....every thought, and every  memory needed to make simple sense of the world, and of our health, and of our posterities health challenges As we engage in this Church of the Firstborn, and reflect on daily life, at times  the past present and future come into one meaningful whole. 

We   discover a Zion community, not as we may have expected - perhaps thinking it was  an isolated group -distancing themselves from others, but we see a marvelous work and a wonder emerge with a higher way of life, and we are given skills  to be able to walk alone back to lone and dusty places - homes without life, or homes that only have perhaps one or two windows. Homes that are dusty and whose only forms of life, are irritating  flies or bugs. . - This work  is not a work  to "Lord Over" others but learn an education in  ministering  to those on a realm with little light with our test being to walk into homes --having our own  inner vessel filled, in environments were just dim light enters others homes. 

The Church of the Firstborn ascending to a new level, one taught personally by the spirit and ministering to those in the  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are seeking to get out of the box, that sometimes forms in our minds with any organized form of religion. The Church of the Firstborn is a work I believe Joseph engaged in a work we can live now, a work to teach  the higher laws...many we covenant to live in the temple. Here is an inspired video regarding one mans journey to see outside the box. CLICK HERE


As one Sister involved in this work once said,  We need monks without monasteries, or Saints that can stand on holy ground, within their temples  (bodies) where ever they may be.  What this mean is in everyday life, as  we are honest with our seven inner centers of emotional spiritual life, our bodies connect like a magnetic  power coming down from heaven and up from the earth joining the spiritual and physical powers within us together. That is integrity or being connected within. Our temples within us, become a tools to increase our capacity to receive revelation, as President Nelson has encouraged the Saints today. 

  •  We may sense a feeling of loosing ourselves or falling apart, or perhaps describe the feeling of loosing our energy,-- we can learn to identify, feel, name or  clarify our fears and where they may come from and what lessons we have to learn. A journey or spiritual education for eternity become centered in truth, understanding by revelation the past- present and future.  This is one eternal round or a circle of life that continues and continues. 

Second Comforter.

Asking honest question of each of our centers of life, and receiving answers will bring more and more light and life in our soul. In heavens time we are taught. This is not a class given within the framework of a semester, but an education that stretches us to live in such a way that we grow in peace, joy, and trust in God. We grow not from our agenda, but from heavens graceful teachings until  the Savior  personally works with us, like a daily conversation with God. 



We do not seek consecration to get the promised blessings, but we simply want to consecrate our all regardless of any expectations we may have. As our hearts  becomes one with God, our desires will be the same...becoming as the scriptures say, ...sons and daughters of God. We do not have to wait to live the law of consecration, but we need to be invited by the spirit and it is not something we can force or be ambitious about.  Such ambition, is of the natural man, an enemy to God. 

Divine Union :

Divine unions come  between many adults in the heavens and on earth and do not involve two people but a union between male and female coming together within a circle of divine influence.  

 I  had a Jewish Stepmother who I felt closely bonded with -ban emotional spiritual connection as if sealed in the love of God. I discovered we shared a divine hope of walking together toward  a way of life on the earth where mankind can live in peace and move beyond conflict and war to provide for basic needs. See  My  Story.

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