A work foreseen by Joseph Smith unfolds in 2010.

Learn why multitudes of Chinese from the spirit world came in 2010 --along with Joseph and Emma Smith and many others - witnessing of two parallel separate works to the Church. The names Habitat for Health, and Simple Living Centers were revealed for our day. Learn as I did, how these two new names are for the Political Kingdom of God (Habitat for Health),  the Heavenly Kingdom of God (Simple Living Centers), and how they work together with the Church,  providing a vision of how we can create a new way of life within our neighborhoods, Zion food producing communities  needed in preparation for the second coming. 

 My name is Brother David Cassani. My family currently lives in Provo, Utah. Educationally, I completed a Bachelors in Engineering  Technology, and a masters in Educational Leadership at BYU.  I am a retired facility manager, teacher, principal and engineer - having been in many bishoprics and leadership positions in the Church.  In 2010, the above mentioned witnesses came to me, and perhaps as yourself, I had no idea of such a separate work foreseen in Josephs' time to come before the Second Coming. One reason for this was the records of the Political Kingdom of God that were revealed as part of the fullness of the Gospel, were kept with the First Presidency until recently.  In this website you can learn  how those records came forth at key times, and the  patterns that have been revealed in our day. 


Just before Joseph and Hyrum were killed, while the temple endowment was being established, Joseph received key parts of the mission of the Political Kingdom of God - a separate organization from the Church that is said would endure through the millennium, establish a theo-democracy and many felt would  come before the second coming. This organization had a mission of 

  • temporal salvation for not only the Saints, but those working with them. 
  • temple building and the fullness of the Gospel. 
  • application of what Joseph spoke of as the Living Constitution- something the Saints struggled to understand in their day, yet as Joseph said, this was "within" them and could not be written. 
  • creating Zion communities, another economic way to educate, help the poor and produce basic healthy needs.

On this website you can  learn of Joseph's witness in our day in the spring of 2010, and the  new name given for this Living Constitution. Learn what happened to the records of this work in Joseph's time and when and perhaps why the First Presidency recently released them declaring that they are for all the world to receive.   Consider this vision of local and future temples the Lord desires for every interested neighborhood and how we can begin now to create aspects of these temples (Simple Living Centers)  in our  hearts,  in our homes, and in our  communities.

In this website, you can come to learn as revealed to me, about this Living Constitution within each of us and how this  is  key to increasing our capacity to receive revelation, guide us as we receive God's love for one another, and work in neighborhood councils. This work leads us to redesign our homes, can transition entire communities, and help us rethink how we teach youth and one another.

  • You can learn the Lord's plan for our day following the same pattern

temporal salvation today---steps toward temples worldwide in neighborhoods.

---discovering the Kingdom of God within each of us.---creating  Zion communities and local managed fiscal economies needed as the  global system struggles.

Click here for a slide summary of this unfolding work. 


To Endowed Members

of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

My name is Brother David Cassani.  

This  introduction is being written in November of 2019 with updates in March of 2020.

This website has been in development for over  five years.

             There is a  brief slide show  below or Daily Blog as an option to this written introduction. Discover how the economic challenges of our day with the corona virus  were revealed in dreams. An audio introduction is provided below.  Please realize I am not a web developer and editing is in  process. I have several jobs like most of you, and provide for my family as heaven guides me. I am not looking for this work to provide for my family. My intentions are to be honest in presenting what our Heavenly Parents have revealed in our day for endowed members of the Church. 

 My Story: Part 1

Early in my life,  I received several witnesses that someday I would start a movement worldwide to bring people back to the simple ways of life in preparation for the Savior's return.  In my early years,  I  doubted that  something so significant  would come to someone so insignificant, and I entirely forgot these early experiences. Near that time when first joining the Church, I had an unusually close feeling to the Prophet Joseph and felt as  if I knew him on the other side before this life.  As my life unfolded,  I would marry into the Smith family (Joseph's Grandfather's line Asael Smith), and 35 years later learn of a latter-day work that would come OUT of the Church, but be parallel and separate from the Church. This is my story. 

After my mission, as my career unfolded,  I  could see  the hand of the Lord guiding me to leave one job after another - helping to bring major transition   to small companies,  foundational changes in  education,  temple operations,  the Utah State Capitol  operations and health care facilities .   These changes to a higher simple way of life happened by listening to the spirit, teamwork, fostering emotional  honesty,  and listening to everyday employees.  Over the years as I was guided to leave one then another job.-I felt I was being prepared for something.  

Then in  the year 2000, during a time of intense opposition and threats, a powerful witness came up through my entire being - of a parallel work to the Church for neighborhoods and nations.  At that time I was given a  vision of eastern China and the islands off the coast.  I had no understanding at that time of a parallel work to the Church that was foreseen. It would begin to make more sense ten  years later in 2010, while on vacation  to California, when I was prompted by the spirit to ask two names. During that time - feeling the presence of Joseph Smith, Emma, and multitudes of others from the spirit world,  I was given two organizational names (Simple Living Centers and Habitat for Health) and was  directed over the years that  followed on details for starting local Simple Living Centers and  an  international non profit corporation that  is to be called Habitat for Health. It was impressed to me that Habitat for Health would be  patterned after Habitat for Humanity, as a sister organization and perhaps work cooperatively with them.  It was a model for working cooperatively in neighborhoods. Though the spirit witnessed of  this work to many bishops, stake leaders, community leaders, and everyday Saints, I instinctively knew that change would not happen until there was some crisis to awaken people to another way of life, a far more desirable and healthy way of life. Dreams came of such crisis as the Corona Virus, and environmental challenges are to come. 

As witnesses  continued to unfold, I came to realize this work is being orchestrated on the other side at levels we may only begin to imagine. Over time, I found any  personal ambition I had - needed to be set aside, and I was to simply serve mankind by seeking God's will for this work. It is clear to many in the world that our way of life is not sustainable. Presidents of the United States have told us so, yet what new visions can we agree on and not get stuck in games of manipulation and control. Crisis often plants the seeds for needed change, and turning to local  healthy food producing communities is not only needed, but may be vital as economic, political & environmental  concerns grow or as a global economic system can easily collapse.  Creating Simple Living Centers I learned - begins in our homes and within our temples of learning within us. From there we learn correct principles to govern ourselves and work with others. Details for this are in the website. 

In seeking to understand how this work will  start,  I was directed to begin this work teaching  endowed mothers and their youth on line.   I can appreciate the struggles many may have with a brief  reading of this work. Some receive almost immediate witnesses and others may not at first.  I have been  guided to provide a two month course  or a Daily Blog for a month for endowed mothers or those in caregiver roles to see the bigger picture of this message, and then teach their children and through example their husbands. The" female" emotional aspects of this work exist in all of us.- as will make sense as we explore this work. I invite you to consider this prayerfully, and explore the evidence and vision regarding how this was foreseen by Joseph Smith to be a parallel work to the Church needed for our day and how this is linked to the work of Elijah and temple building for our day.   

Please take time to enjoy musical links through the website. Much will be revealed through the power of the arts. To learn more scroll down or click here for part 2. 

Please feel free to personally email me at davidcassani1@mac.com or 818 213 8763 

Sincerely your Brother and Servant

David Cassani

OUr world needs to come together, to heal ....together.

Heal the World. 

Town Transition -

A green movement coming up from the earth and down from the heavens. 

Pieces of the puzzle began to be revealed in the year 2000 

to David Cassani at the Alta Vista Education Center

 Founded in 1997 By David Cassani My Story

Transition Town US... Can it happen in time?

If we work on our own ..it will not be enough

If we wait for government...it will likely be too little too late

But if we work together with guidance.....it might be just enough ...just in time. 

Click here for the international movement. Scroll below for your local movement.

For questions call 818 213 8763 or email david@simplelivingcenters.com 

Introduction - Part 2

As I was given first pieces of this work back in 2000 at the Alta Vista Education Center and then later in 2010 while on a family history vacation,  key new names were given to me and it was clear I was to leave my job and trust  that I would be provided for. I was given a blessing that miracles small and large would  come. They have teaching me about this work and about letting go of worldly ways. When receiving this work,  I was given a Bishop's blessing at that time and  after a long pause at the end, I was told President Monson would help me. 

Learn how President Monson did help on the website. 

Over time,  I  felt like pieces of a puzzle coming into a wonderful vision for transition to a new healthier vision for communities and a new way of life. I was shown how a small group of people can lead such a change with the support of a larger international support group effort. I was shown how the math in the temple ceremony makes sense of this work and how it  is simple.  I later learned  in our Church history  that some early Church leaders  foresaw a latter day work  that would come out of the Church and out of Judah  and come  during politically turbulent times prior to the second coming. A work to  feed nations as found in Ezekiek 34.     In addition some scriptures indicate such a work will come out of the east and that many in the Church may reject the simple and plain ways of God, as the Jews did when Jesus was here on earth. We learn God will give us complexity that causes us to stumble when we reject the simple plain ways   (see Jacob 4)

Admittedly, I grief, when the so many endowed Saints feel the spirit witness of this work, and yet fail to continue to learn more and contribute to this website. It has been apparent, that major crisis was inevitable and clearly this work has been rejected, by many who have felt the spirit witness to them. As Jacob 4 explains, when we rejected plainness, the Lord gives us complexity they we may stubble and learn that we need to return to the ways of Life. 

In this website you can see how this local and international  political work is unfolding and  how the Political Kingdom of God was foreseen to  function  as a separate  yet parallel organization from the Church  - with what Joseph called a  Living Constitution as central to it. This Living Constitution was not understood in Joseph's day, and is  key to  our temporal needs , and key to a higher consecrated way of life, key to understanding Health in the navel

It was revealed to me this Living Constitution (that Joseph said was within us), is  our seven centers of spiritual emotional anatomy,  part of our divine nature, and  that these centers  are designed to work under laws of life and learning. You can learn more about these on  this website and in the two great commandments.  In our day  they are to be called our Simple Living Centers - and you can learn how they are bringing not only eastern and western cultures into one whole vision of life, but a heavenly Church to an earthly reality, with a vision for neighborhood temples or for now Simple Living Centers as neighborhood centers to help us learn of the temples we are. 

As this work unfolds, Simple Living Centers  will have  several layers of meaning to different audiences.    With the challenges of our day,  we can learn how each of these centers within us are key to  purifying our souls, key to listening and working with others. Understanding these  seven centers brings clarity to our individual  tests within our souls, as we ascend a latter of growth to a new way of life. 

As President Nelson has encouraged   us  to"increase our capacity" to receive revelation we can see how this can be done.  As we build our trust in divine guidance designed within our spiritual emotional anatomy, we can discover how our daily physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met through revelation.  For some not inclined or ready to look within themselves -- these Simple Living Centers will  appear as home education centers for town transition or a resource center for new generation of homes for  our neighborhoods. For others they may be seen as a vision for future temples in neighborhoods - key to the millennial work and patterns of the Political Kingdom of God that Joseph envisioned. 

In recently released Church videos, historians have said the Church wants all the world to know about this Political  Kingdom of God, but it is not the primary mission of the Church to  engage in political  activity.  Laws of the land limit how much any church corporation can do in the political realm.  The Lord clearly foresaw this needed separation of Church and State. This grass roots work must go forward person by person  as each are guided by the Spirit to share it.  

After repeated promptings from the spirit in April of 2017,  and after earlier witnesses that confirmed this to me (during my mission to Washington DC 1976-78)  and with added witnesses from the Savior personally while in the Korea temple in March of 2017, I  have been asked to  solemnly Proclaim this parallel work to endowed members worldwide.  

This is a plan for restoring a neighborhood and town economy. An economy for health, An economy to help those in need - that there are no poor among us. An economy for a low or no cost education system. Learn what has been revealed. With this worldwide  crisis we can each pray and learn how to apply these correct principles and government our homes and communities. 

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that are endowed  can be  key to starting and/or leading this political movement. We need a pledge of support from over 100,000 Saints to legally launch this effort. This pledge will be a $3/month donation with 90% staying in your local community. We are not receiving any funds until a legal board is organized, but your pledge will support us in seeking board members and visible international leaders on the board. 

From my experience, the heavens will minister to you and help you in this work in your own areas where the Lord guides you to live and work.  I have been directed by the spirit to teach this first - on line to endowed  members - beginning with women.  A letter for the Priesthood is below along with a slide show. 

Updated March 2020.

alta vista Education centers - Utah, Missouri, China


Provo - Springville Classes.

Plans for Independence Missouri Training retreat center.

Plans for Independence Missouri Training retreat center.

Scroll down or click here for the two month course available at no cost online.. Working for  Provo and Springville communities -  we have been prompted by the spirit to launch this grass roots movement to create

  • A new generation of food and energy producing homes & neighborhoods - starting with  neighborhood education centers, called Simple Living Centers 
  • A local low cost or no cost- barter approach to health education and local organic food production - promoting new careers in using living foods for health, healing,  and often our first medicine. Health was intended to be simple.  
  • Another way of life - Town Transition to local Food Systems: Endowed Sisters and their youth. Learn how this movement for starting  Habitat for Health  needs your support for starting an   international organization networking local neighborhood Simple Living Centers  By working as a sister organization with Habitat of Humanity for neighborhoods to help build them - you can catch the vision the Lord has revealed for temples in the millennial age. See how you can start in your home now. 
  • See how our democracy can be raised to new levels. As part of developing local food based economies - plans are for  neighborhood councils trained  in understanding principles found in our Simple Living Centers. These are key to governing ourselves and our neighborhoods. A theo democracy Zion communities envisioned by Joseph Smith 1. - key to managing micro-loans to help those in need, 2. Creating local low cost education, and 3. be part of a town wide and world wide fundraising campaign - Learn how Joseph's vision of Zion communities has come in our day.


Plans for Independence Missouri Training retreat center.

Plans for Independence Missouri Training retreat center.

Plans for Independence Missouri Training retreat center.

  • Plans are to build a educational retreat center. This working working organic farm - will use film to share this message. This will by done with both local talent and  immigrants from around the world.

  • Learning ways to move beyond competition and conflict  to  leadership principles based on a simple teamwork, cooperation, a higher level of trust, and how individuals are learning to listen to the seven centers of life within all of us.  

  • Support mothers and youth in bonding, trust building and transition to a new way of life guided by conscious living and supported  by the earth, our ancestors, aa higher noble way in the universe.. 

  • Learn how mothers & youth discover another language for health, and lead transition - overcoming  economic fears of life, 

  • Discover how our biography and our biology connect.

  • Help us in fundraising and building three versions of  Simple Living Centers (A home or apartment version,  neighborhood rental facility, and a permanent neighborhood center) These education centers will be used for film project to bless communities around the world. 


Plans for China and Taiwan.

Plans for Independence Missouri Training retreat center.

Plans for China and Taiwan.

 After a 7 month pilot  in 2017 in Taiwan, plans are to work from Huelian, Taiwan to support the development of


  • Simple Language Centers: Online and neighborhood classes. Help parents and youth stop running into walls. We open a  doors to how the universe and earth support another peaceful - light filled way of life using  simple language skills, skills most are not learning in schools or english training centers. 

  • Simple Life Centers: Living food soup and snack stands and restaurant partnerships. Parents and restaurant  gather to learn and enjoy living foods and do group purchasing for your home. 

  • Simple Living Centers: Neighborhood homes that bring a vision of a new way of life, and help mothers begin to organize their neighborhoods to help one another with basic healthy food processing.


two month course for endowed mothers and endowed sisters:

Overview is for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -   Primarily mothers and women. 

For other options click here

Talking about temples with our children. Check out this article Click here

Overview Power Point (pptx)


Week One - Opposites Power Point (pptx)


Week 2 Charity Power Point (pptx)


Week 3-Peace Joy Trust Power Point (pptx)


Week 4 Part 1 Simple Living Centers A (pptx)


Week 4 Part 1 Simple Living Centers B (pptx)


Week 5 Power Point (1) (pptx)


Week 6 Family Health Education (pptx)


Week 7 Find your work pp (pptx)


choose a higher way: Bringing heaven to earth





We can receive a little light, often living in more darkness than light.  As the political kingdoms have become more complex and economically driven  - our international food systems feeds us very low quality of food, putting many asleep or addicted to processed foods. The political Kingdom of God was foreseen to come in the last days, to  a Davidic servant on this side of the veil -(Ezekiel 34) -working with a John on the other side of the veil.





We can learn and choose to receive all the light, and love our Heavenly Parents want to share....to live the Gospel from our hearts, and  to work with our creators in bringing more light to the world. Connecting with the Kingdom of God within, and then the Heavenly Church - brings us a new language, a light to see all thing coming together.

We can lead others away from fighting, and outward appearances,  to a path of peace, a language of cooperation, working together, emotionally listening to one another, and solving problems together. 

Learn how the Savior's arm has been revealed and how He gave hints of this fullness in the two great commandments.  How there will be three kinds of members of the Church before his coming. 

See how Simple Living Centers are to be built that they may be turned into neighborhood temples someday.





We can be honest and reflect a higher light, but may be afraid to receive more of the Sun light that is outside of the traditions of men or the Church culture. Honest and good men that receive parts of the Gospel will need to open themselves up to looking beyond the traditions of the Church.  

Those who live the don't of the word of Wisdom but may need to more to a higher level and more seriously consider the do's. Learning to listen to the navel area is key to receiving revelation and loving others. The spirit will show you how this is.  

 The Prophet and leaders point us to a higher way in the temple and see the simplicity that often is lost in the complexity. The Book of Mormon teaches us that the Jews rejected the simple ways of God, so God gave them complexity that they may stumble, then hopefully return to His ways in the future. See Jacob 4.  Isaiah indicates that this pattern of rejecting plainness will repeat itself with  many Church members in the last days. This is a test, and why the Political Kingdom is separate from the Church. To pursue a higher way, one needs to get out of dependence on Group thinking and develop a personal relationship with the divine source within and with Godliness. 


Discover your work on the earth

Simple Living Centers - Visual presentation -no audio

Upcoming classes


A message for the Priesthood and how the Book of Mormon is the most correct book.

Discover what we can learn about the seven simple living centers in the Book of Mormon.

Dr. Christophers lecture comments.

An 8 week course in herbs and diet with Dr. Christopher soundbites. 

Preparing children for school with developing a temple centered home and Church centered home.

The language of emotions and health with a 6 year old. 

Careers of this future health based economy

Herbalist, nutritionist, elderly care, small scale organic farms, and more. 

Homes for Health

Air quality, water quality, passive solar, energy conservation, the big energy picture and more. 

Emotional Health Education

Discussion and insights regarding major film moments in emotional health education.

Restoring community

Transition Town - Transition Streets


Brothers and Sisters, 

November 2019 Newsletter

Why Zion Efforts did not work?

As you can see in this website link... the key links to building Zion or the failures to build Zion were because  pieces were missing, not understood, or rejected some may say. The Living Constitution was central. 

Key patterns for the Living Constitution of the Political Kingdom of God were given to Joseph Smith just before his death, but the Saints struggled to fully embrace them and opposition at that time was intense. As a result key pieces are symbolically in the temple endowment for you to discover.  Joseph , Emma, Hyrum and multitudes of others have come to witness of this work in our day and added details of this Living Constitution can now be easily understood with the spirit for us in our day. 

In the spring of 2010, it was revealed to me that these  Living Constitutions within each of us are to be called Simple Living Centers. They provide keys to understanding our divine nature. We can see how  laws govern health and healing, and how the atonement is part of both personal and generational healing.  Joseph taught this Living Constitution was within us, we might say  part of our divine nature. . This will have different levels of meaning for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. 

A weekly two month  course is provided - first for endowed mothers and women to introduce this work to  you and  then help you as you introduce this to your  families  and neighbors through everyday living. This a work coming from the ground up we might say. This could easily be  part of  Home centered learning  in any country worldwide.  Preparations are underway for bringing this to China at this time.

I truly believe this is how we can become community leaders or righteous Queens and Kings in this parallel work in communities around the world.  I testify the Lord has opened the hearts of so many with this work and you will not be alone in this work. Many who engage  in this work are  ministered to by those on the other side. and through dreams given to children and themselves. This work  will bring both bonds and perhaps division in homes yet it is so much a part of the work of Elijah and as you are patient in the Lord's timing, it will eventually bring unity, healing  and oneness. 

I learned in about 2015, as many members did, that there is strong evidence that this work was foreseen to come  prior to the second coming. I had been taught in college Institute classes that  the Political Kingdom of God would come with the second coming - as Elder McConkie taught in his personal writings.  Many in the Church continue to believe such and little is said publicly of the First Presidency asking Elder McConkie to change or remove some of his claims in Mormon Doctrine  or  about removing  Elder McConkie's writings  from manuals of the Church. . 

With recently released documents  as the Minutes of the Political Kingdom of God and The Joseph Smith papers - there is much evidence  that is contrary to Elder McConkie's writings.  I do not want to diminish the many good contributions of our leaders  but he did not have access to the papers kept with the First Presidency and  most members know that books by the General Authorities are not to be taken as Church Doctrine.  I personally learned much from Elder McConkie's works and choose to thank him for them. 

Key parts of this work had been  revealed to me in 2000 and 2010,  and while few believed me,  it was not until after  about 2014, when I learned from the Church history  department - of records  kept in  the First Presidencies office  and  how they were released for publication  for ALL THE WORLD. I had been given a Bishop's blessing after receiving this work in the spring of 2010, and was told after a long pause,  that President Monson would help me. I  felt to send my experience to President Monson in August of 2010., and  just three  months later  I learned the minutes of the Political Kingdom of God were released for publication to the Historical Department in November of 2010. Was this a coincidence? The Church has produced videos and some have said  these historical works being released are  considered one the most significant historical  additions of our day.  This link shows how the hand of the Lord helped bring them forth through inspiration to private members of our community. 

President Monson released key  records that had been kept privately with the First Presidency since Joseph's time. These records  provided additional  confirmations of  the work I had been given earlier. These documents released in 2010 and published in 2016 - showed  patterns of the political Kingdom of God and how it matched the same patterns I had been given. T'he patterns was similar for the Living Constitution, temple building,  how the foundation of the political Kingdom of God would work, and how   Joseph  envisioned councils with community members and Church members working together. 

What has been revealed in this  work is not just  a path to Zion food based communities, .but it is a way fo many to recreate communities anywhere - and live a higher simple peace filled way of life.  With this work, local neighborhood economies can be restored and Town Transition can happen anywhere that has the Lord's blessing and support. One key element of faith Joseph Smith taught is to know the correct nature of God, and to know that the path you are pursing in pleasing to God. I would challenge all Saints to consider asking God if you are living where  he wants you to live and working where He wants you to work.  


 I have been show how  we can unite in this work, and in the Lords time and way, tip or transition entire communities to a new way of life in preparation for the Saviors return. More turbulent times are foreseen for our communities and you can be part of leading change. We each have different ways we can contribute to this work and we know we will be protected to carry our work on this earth as we seek and follow guidance we receive personally from God.  

I invite you to share this with Bishops, personally talk with temple Presidents,  and other endowed members, and more importantly see how this can raise your capacity to receive revelation  and remodel your homes --not for added economic value, --but for added  inner faith as President Nelson has encouraged us. We live in a world that so often looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord sees within and we can help develop the spirit within ourselves and our children in new ways. 

 I am currently in a mothers' role  you might say ...taking care of my daughter and 90 year old father and working part time - as I am retired.  I receive weekly  ministering from those on the other side regarding their  care and my own growth. There is so much we can do to transition our homes. I hope you can take the time to discover  added tools and  simple principles the Lord has given us to create a new way of  life here on earth. 

In Joseph's day the Saints could not understand  this inner development of the  Living Constitution within a group council or how it applied to teaching their children.  This  fullness was in part lost or stated differently put into symbolism in temple worship for the spirit to teach us.  President Hinkley and President Benson has said we live far below our potential.  Some much has been revealed in and out of the Church for our progression. 

We are raised in a world where children are seen as empty vessels that our institution of learning need to fill up with knowledge. We have been given a more full vision than that. We can learn how to foster and discover new ways of learning, new visions for education, and help youth to awaken to their pre-mortal intelligence and path in life - a path so contrary to the ways of this world. 

I have been encouraged by the spirit to read the words of Isaiah. They spoke of all things, of types and shadows, they spoke of seven patterns or tests we go through as we ascend the ladder to heavenly living. Inspired  scholars and writers can help us understand the Book of Isaiah and the tools and parallel thinking found in the symbolism of the sun, the moon and the stars. Learning the patterns found in  the language of the Jews is possible without having to become a biblical scholar. We can learn to see and learn ...receiving our own revelation for our lives and avoid judging and condemning one another. 

This great work has come in our day to help us prepare, It is not my work. It is heavens work. IT begins in our hearts and  in our homes, then unfolds to a vision for Zion communities  and future temples.   I realize much of this is beyond traditions many are accustomed to with the Church. I believe that is why the Church wants all the world to know it's history that was recently released. Endowed Sisters, I would encourage you to review the slide show above, and consider the weekly two month introductory class. 

I believe the Lord intended this work to be separate from the Church to both test our faith and help Saints move beyond the culture of religious traditions. We know these day will require to a deeper personal relationship with our Heavenly Parents and  with our ancestors .  I invite you to consider this website over time,. The no cost two month course below is designed to allow time for quiet reflection.  Many many Saints have been ministered to personally when receiving this work. Attending the temple may be helpful. 

Reflections on the new logo - April 2020

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