I learned how Simple Living Centers can lead to another way of life in preparation for the second coming.

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Learn how we can choose a higher way: Bringing heaven to ear



We can receive a little light, often living in more darkness than light. 



We can be honest and reflect a higher light, but may be afraid to receive more that is outside of the traditions of men. 



We can learn and choose to receive all the light, and love our Heavenly Parents want to share....and  to work with our creators in bringing more light and life to the world.  

Town Transition -

A green movement coming up from the earth and down from the heavens. 

Pieces of the puzzle began to be revealed in the year 2000 

to David Cassani at the Alta Vista Education Center

This is  a work where the spirit is awakening those who are seeking a simple  - higher way of life in preparation for the Savior's return.

 Founded 1997 By David Cassani My Story

Transition Town US... Can it happen in time?

If we work on our own will not be enough

If we wait for will likely be too little too late

But if we work together with might be just enough ...just in time. 

Learn how to increase your capacity to receive revelation for all your needs and help neighbors near you. Discover the Temple within. 

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alta vista Education centers - Utah, Missouri, China -

Provo - Springville Classes.


Scroll down or click here for the two month course available now online.. Working for  Provo and Springville communities -  we have been prompted by the spirit to launching this grass roots movement to create

  • A new generation of food and energy producing homes & neighborhoods - starting with  neighborhood education centers, called Simple Living Centers 
  • A local low cost or no cost- barter approach to health education and local organic food production - promoting new careers in using living foods for health, healing,  and often our first medicine. Health was intended to be simple.  
  • Another way of life - Town Transition to local Food Systems: Endowed Sisters and their youth. Learn how this movement for starting  Habitat for Health  needs your support for starting an   international organization networking local neighborhood Simple Living Centers  By working as a sister organization with Habitat of Humanity for neighborhoods to help build them - you can catch the vision the Lord has revealed for temples in the millennial age. See how you can start in your home now. 
  • See how our democracy can be raised to new levels. As part of developing local food based economies - plans are for  neighborhood councils trained  Simple Living Centers. A theo democracy envisioned by Joseph Smith 1. - key to managing micro-loans to help those in need, 2. Creating local low cost education, and 3. be part of a town wide and world wide fundraising campaign - Learn how Joseph's vision of Zion communities has come in our day.

Plans for Independence Missouri Training retreat center.


  • Plans are to build a retreat center that can also be a  film center and  working organic farm - This will by done with both local talent and  immigrants from around the world.

  • Learning ways to move beyond competition and conflict  to  leadership principles based on a simple teamwork, cooperation, a higher level of trust, and how individuals are learning to listen to the seven centers of life within all of us.  

  • Support mothers and youth in bonding, trust building and transition to a new way of life guided by conscious living and supported  by the earth, our ancestors, aa higher noble way in the universe.. 

  • Learn how mothers & youth discover another language for health, and lead transition - overcoming  economic fears of life, 

  • Discover how our biography and our biology connect.

  • Help us in fundraising and building three versions of  Simple Living Centers (A home or apartment version,  neighborhood rental facility, and a permanent neighborhood center) These education centers will be used for film project to bless communities around the world. 

Plans for China and Taiwan.


 After a 7 month pilot  in 2017 in Taiwan, plans are to work from Huelian, Taiwan to support the development of


  • Simple Language Centers: Online and neighborhood classes. Help parents and youth stop running into walls. We open a  doors to how the universe and earth support another peaceful - light filled way of life using  simple language skills, skills most are not learning in schools or english training centers. 

  • Simple Life Centers: Living food soup and snack stands and restaurant partnerships. Parents and restaurant  gather to learn and enjoy living foods and do group purchasing for your home. 

  • Simple Living Centers: Neighborhood homes that bring a vision of a new way of life, and help mothers begin to organize their neighborhoods to help one another with basic healthy food processing.


two month course for endowed mothers and endowed sisters:

Overview is for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -   Primarily mothers and women. 

Others may want to  Click here. 

Talking about temples with our children. Check out this article Click here

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Joseph, Emma, Hyrum Smith & multitudes witness of this work

 Endowed Sisters: My name is Brother David Cassani. In this website you can learn of a separate parallel work from the Church - foreseen to come to prepare for the second coming, symbolically taught in the temple . Key parts  were revealed to me in 2000 and 2010.  After  2014, I later learned from Church history - that what I was receiving was foreseen to come before the second coming,  to be started by women and youth, and  to be revealed to a latter day David or Davidic servant  on this side of the veil working with a John on the other side of the veil. 

-- This pattern the Lord has revealed will help feed nations. (Ezekiel 34) and help us  learn to live the fullness, --a more consecrated life. 

  • What has been revealed is a way to return to a simple way of life...a guided life -  increasing your capacity to receive revelation for all you need and for others you are led to help as we are part of a heavenly working coming to the earth.  Discover a higher - full - simple way of life where all we need in righteousness comes to us as we consecrate our all and discover more about our divine nature within each of us. 

  • Learn of the Kingdom of God within a (our temples within each of us) and how on "this" Kingdom or inner righteousness..hangs the law (political Kingdom) and the Prophets (the Church).. You can learn  keys or tools, to help you grow in new levels receiving added person revelation  to recreate or remodel your homes into a new way of life. 

  • Mothers connect more deeply with   youth - emotionally    helping to develop their divine nature  ....Learn to use a simple agency based approach to education and avoid paths of manipulation, social pressure and stress.  ..often paths to  disease or illness. See how we can return  to  a language that is virtually lost in today's complex, confusing and so often ...economically driven world. (see Jacob 4 and Ezekiel 34). Learn how we all  can increase our capacity for new levels of personal revelation for our daily needs and health. 


Surely, the arts will be a great tool in bringing forth this work. 

Alta Vista Education Centers : 1997 - 2019: David Cassani - Founders Story

To: Priesthood Holders, Fathers and Bishops of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

From : Brother David Cassani

       1084 W 650 N. Provo, Utah 84601 818 213 8763

This letter is regarding a work that was revealed to be separate from the Church but come out of the Church and be parallel to it. Unlike the  religious work of the Church - this work is a political and educational grass roots movement foreseen to be started by women and youth in the home.  As you learn more about his , you can see how  I believe this work was foreseen by the Prophet Joseph Smith,  Isaiah and Ezekiel for us  in  these last days to assist us and our neighborhoods in starting an organization to help transition or tip entire communities  to another - healthier way of life, a temporal salvation we may say.  This is a work I have been shown -  regarding how a small group of Saints can unite as community or neighborhood political leaders (Kings and Queens we might say) in small ways or more visible ways in starting a local and international movement to  transition or tip entire communities to a new way of life - a new sustainable way of life. 

Background Summary : After receiving key pieces of this work in the year 2000, few believed me and I understand doubts you may have. I had many, yet could not doubt the heavenly power of the witnesses given. Many leaders in the Church and everyday members have shared revelations they have received regarding this work, but I will add it is not endorse by the Church for wise reasons you will learn of. This website is intended to help the Saints find higher levels of trust in Divine guidance, as they enter new levels of consecration and obedience that we learn of in the temple. 

This Project is a cumulation of many years of added  details to this work. At first.... I did not know entirely the full scope of what a parallel work to the Church was.  Now I do. In 2010, added key pieces were given to me, and I was comforted when I learned in about 2015,  how the same patterns of this work  were foreseen by some in Church history.   I learned in Church history of a  work  that would come  forth prior to the second coming - foreseen to come during "politically turbulent times"

I learned of the political Kingdom of God and how it was revealed to the prophet Joseph, and how the records were only recently released to the Church membership for publication - released just a few months after I sent my story to President Monson in August of 2010. . This is  work - that for me, has made sense of pieces of the endowment coming from a  David on one side  of the veil working with a John on the other side of the veil. A work that makes  plain or simple -- the ways of God and  brings new vision to what President Nelson has encouraged us...that is ... remodeling our homes in preparation for another higher more holy way of life.

 Last of all, practically speaking, I have been in many bishoprics and seen how many of other faiths are cared for quietly by the Church. I have seen the Church team with other organizations.  I believe bishops will see how this parallel work can assist them in raising our sights to more fully live the principles of the Gospel - and  in caring for all the needy within ward boundaries.  The Lord is bringing forth a heavenly  organization working with an inspired earthly non profit organization that is intended to be started by Sisters and youth that receive witnesses of this work.  It will make sense as you learn more ...why sisters are to start this.

Dear Brethren: 

What was first  powerfully revealed for me in our day - happened in the spring of the year 2000, I knew at that time it would change how our Community and others  looked at our world and our health  today. As I was tutored for three days by tje spirit, key connections were made between our health and the work of Elijah.  I believe this was foreseen  by Isaiah and Joseph Smith as  a separate parallel work to the Church, a work that would not only help feed nations during these turbulent days , but be  key to the fullness of the Gospel ... that is --a key understanding a simple yet full concept of  the Kingdom of God within each of us and how this works with the political Kingdom of God in addition to strengthening the Church.   More than instruction for the Saints, this is a tool box of principles of simple health often lost today, ...principles to help them govern themselves and not be pulled into the ways of the world. 

We know in Church History that a full  understanding of  consecration was not able to be lived by the Saints early in Church history, and  key pieces have been revealed to help with our temporal salvation and spiritual health. They are difficult to entirely separated. As the work of the Church came down from the heavens, this work is both coming down from the heavens and up from the earth as you will learn in more detail from those practicing these principles in the home. 

In 2010, two organizations have been revealed to me for two  parallel works to the Church. The Kingdom of God within or fullness that was revealed to the prophet Joseph Smith and John the Revelator. The first new name given is to  be called Simple Living Centers. This new name will have different layers of meaning for Church members and community members. . Joseph called these Simple Living Centers   the Living Constitution within all of us, but the Saints  only  partially realized this full concept. You can learn more on the historical link of this sight.  or at the Simple Living Centers link

This work was symbolically put in the endowment for our day to come forth from a David on this side of the veil working with  a John on the other side of the veil.  Studying this website and my story will  help you understand this in more detail, yet  prayer and personal revelation - these principles and there simple higher ways of trusting God built into our very temples within us. OUr very bodies becomeing a compass of sorts. the only way to receive sure confirmations of this work.  Learn how you can learn from women today and increase your capacity to receive revelation  and very specifically what that means. 

The Savior said on this - the  two great commandments. ..hang the law and the Prophets or symbolically "hang: like arms on our body or inner temple the divine nature of the Kingdom of God within each of us... , the left arm - symbolic of the  Political Kingdom of God, and on the right arm - the Ecclessiastical Kingdom or more often called today's Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints . Some background of how this came about follows. 

Briefly, in  2010, I was in California on a family history trip and  I was prompted by the spirit to ask two names of organizations. When I asked I was given two new names for the political Kingdom and Kingdom within or fullness of the Gospel. During this time added witnesses came from Joseph, Emma, and multitudes of those of Asian ancestry in the spirit world.  This made sense years later as Hyrum Smith visited me dressed in while with a message that Hyrum figures would come forth to support me in this work. They have as you will learn from the proclamation to endowed member on this website.

When I was prompted in 2010, to leave my full time work running the facility operations of the Utah State Capitol, it was clear I was to trust the Lord to provide for me to do this work. I sought a blessing from a local friend, Higher Priest leader, Angelo Mejias, and he had the local Bishop- Scot Mix - give me a blessing. At the end of the blessing and after a long pause, he said President Monson will help you. Months later, in August of 2010, I sent my story to President Monson, and learned years later, (in about 2015),  how and when President Monson helped me. 

Just three months after sending my letter to the First Presidency, in August of 2010, the  3 books regarding the Political Kingdom of God which had been kept with the First Presidency since Joseph Smith's day, were released to the Church historical department in November of 2010, for publication. As I read them  I learned they contained all the same patterns which the Lord had been revealing to me regarding these two being the political Kingdom of God, and the temportal needs of the Saints ...the other being the fulness or  keys of Heavenly Church --needing to come forth prior to the second coming in preparation for the Savior reign over both the Church and political Kingdom of God.  

I have needed many many confirmations from the Lord to fully accept and proclaim this work and they have come and keep coming.  Let me share a brief background and more of my story. I am brother David Cassani, currently living in the Provo, River Grove ward. I was called to serve a mission in 1976 to Washington DC. where witnesses came to me from one sister I baptized. This sister who since passed away visited me from the spirit world in 2017 confirming this earlier witness. While finishing my mission, my mission president wrote me and said seldom has he seen someone so committed to a work. 

My family currently attend the Chinese ward  and the local ward at times, I say that as I am retired - 63 years old, working part time at Home Depot. I have had 12 children, currently  raising my 7 year old daughter, with my second wife, and caring  full time for my 90 year old father.  My former wife and I had 5 children, adopted 4 from China, and had two other foster children. 

My second wife - a convert from Taiwan, has served in many missionary callings and as ward relief society president. She currently works full time at an at risk youth center as a full time cook.  I have  had a pattern of serving in bishoprics, Elders/HP Quorum Presidencies, and teaching Priesthood classes in addition to stake and ward missionary callings. .  I served a mission from 76-78 in Washington DC where early witnesses of this work were given to other members about my work on the earth. Admittedly, I entirely forgot those early witnesses until added key pieces of this work were revealed to me over 30 years later, ---in 2010. 

Brethren, this work will not go forth without parallel, yet separate support from endowed members of the Church. I have shared this work with five stake Presidents- a political work and spiritual work encouraging members to consecrate their all to the Lord through their bishops. Here has been the response to this separate work from the Church from the various stakes.  When given this call in 2000, I was told in a stake interview, if the whole church thought like me regarding repentance, ---the entire Church would move to a new level.  I do not say this to boast , but to acknowledge the Lord has showed me new levels of repentance through this work. 

The response from the past stake and wards are as follows:

You write well said my first bishop in 2010 when I received this. The First Presidency has asked us to review your  letter to President Monson. In my first ward I was then assigned to be home taught by a member of the bishopric and given a blessing that miracles small and large would accompany this work. I moved a year later and the following stakes and ward responded as such. 

1. After review of the bishop and stake the Salt Lake Chinese ward,  they said this is not for discussion in Church settings, as it is a political movement and can not be endorsed by the Church. I wholeheartedly agree it is to be separate from the Church  and test the Saints.   I was then called to be into the high priest leadership of this ward.

2. The next  stake leader said, I am interested in knowing more about your movement for health, and I was called to teach Elder Quorum. 

3. The third stake leaders I share this with, President Chen, in Taiwan said...please teach this work to my wife.  His counselor's wife  Sister Wu,  .....told me  the Holy Ghost witnessed to her this work this was true and she had me teach her and her children. 

4. In 2017, my family and  I where directed by the spirit to move from Taiwan  to Nauvoo. I was to take care of historic homes during the pagent and was first assigned to Hyrum Smith home and told I was an Answer to prayer. . They did not know that Hyrum came to me in vision about a year earlier. One member in this Nauvoo Stake  who briefly reviewed this work  yelled at me on the street while with my 4 year old daughter and wife, calling calling me a fraud. Another said they were waiting for such a work, and wanted to learn more. The stake President admitted he had not read the Church's newly released Joseph Smith papers or political Kingdom of God records published in 2016, and said he  followed the writings of Brother McConkie in Mormon Doctrine, a book which  the First Presidency asked to  Brother McConkie to change many false doctrine that were not doctrine.  The president of the stake  agreed with many thing, but rejected my work,based on McConkies statements.  I was reminded of Isaiah's words, that this later day fullness or consecrated work would largely be rejected by the majority of the Church membership in the last days, and rejected as it was in Joseph time and the Savior time. During my mission I learned how many good things are used to keep good people from receiving  a higher light. 

5. The next stake I moved to -, the Bishop said he did not have time to read of this work. The spirit prompted me to continue to testify to this work on the internet and teach this on line to women , and youth. ...encouraging a simple higher way of life, consecrating their all to the Lord through their bishops. 

I have been given dreams where I realize this is a grass roots work that comes UP from the earth, in contrast to the Church came down from the heavens. Learn how this work will not go forward without members support and visible international figures being part of the is work. Realize this separate nature is key to their agency and key to needed test in our time. 

Brethren, professionally I have seen transition come from over 30 years in the work place. Key princples 

As a facility and automation engineer, I have worked on Temple facility automation systems, 

 my story. 

Upcoming classes


A message for the Priesthood and how the Book of Mormon is the most correct book.

Discover what we can learn about the seven simple living centers in the Book of Mormon.

Dr. Christophers lecture comments.

An 8 week course in herbs and diet with Dr. Christopher soundbites. 

Preparing children for school - developing a home school

The language of emotions and health with a 6 year old. 

Careers of this future health based economy

Herbalist, nutritionist, elderly care, small scale organic farms, and more. 

Homes for Health

Air quality, water quality, passive solar, energy conservation, the big energy picture and more. 

Emotional Health Education

Discussion and insights regarding major film moments in emotional health education.

Restoring community

Transition Town - Transition Streets

The community solution

The Community Solution:  How Cuba survived the energy crisis.  How will the world survive an economic, environment or political crisis?

Simple Living Centers

TransitionTown2019-15b (pdf)


Homes for Health

Here are a few seeds 

for developing  new local neighborhood economies that we hope to connect  around the world.

1, In time Habitat for Health will support town wide fundraising of $3 per person token donation, to build Simple Living Centers in local communities that support local healthy food production.

2. 90% of neighborhood funds go to local Neighborhood councils  for home processing/production, neighborhood gardens,  or local Community supported agriculture.  CSA's

3. A second token donation of thirty cents a month  goes to Homes for Health to improve educational tools, connect with resources worldwide, and fund raise for communities campaigns .

Simple Living Centers

1. Seeds of a new local economy: Councils decide on  volunteered neighborhood funds of $3/month a person.

2. Seeds of a new low cost or no cost education: Neighborhood/worldwide education supporting  parents (primarily mothers and women) to teach their youth - When workshops are needed - using a dollar a day  donation for 8 weeks or--- for those who can not pay they may barter work traded for some needs of homes or neighborhoods.

3. Seeds to help the poor. A neighborhood managed micro- loan program to help those in need.

We are the World.

There is a choice we are making.