The Kingdom of God "within" a more Perfect Union

A movement foreseen, to be led by mothers teaching their children

This website is for endowed women and mothers and will be closing for the general public. As you read it, I can understand much as Joseph said, I would not have believed this had it not happened to me. ..I urge each of you to find your own witness of this work, a work that restores the roots of the  political Kingdom of God. and as I learned - more importantly, the keys to the fulness, our health and creating Zion communities as we prepare for the second coming. This work has come to a latter day David on this side of the veil working with  John, the same John the wrote the Book of Revelation. 

“And John saw and bore record of the fullness of my glory, and the fullness of John's record is hereafter to be revealed. And it shall come to pass that if you are faithful you shall receive the fullness of the record of John.” (D&C 93:6, 18).

With regard to starting the political Kingdom of God, and understanding the fulness spoken of by John the revelator, the fulness has been revealed by a visit from Joseph to a mortal David in our time. .. revealing an  understanding or keys of  the Kingdom "within"  ...keys of understanding that is so vital and central - that they will deepen how your read the scriptures, and see new layers of meaning in the you prepare your homes and communities for the Saviors return. 

You can learn.. this was revealed to Joseph just before his death, and again has come in these last days to a David foreseen to receive it. For over 40 years this work has been unfolding to me, line upon line... To an obscure David, it has been revealed that the angel start up group for starting a local and international health and food system ... is to begin through the faithfulness of  Endowed women and their youth - starting a worldwide movement regarding our temples and building temples. To learn more you can email us for updates at  

  • Discover the three Kingdoms of God to are key to the fulness. 
  • Learn of the fulness  of the Gospel revealed for our health and in preparation for increasing your capacity to receive revelation and understand the simplicity of the endowment. 
  • Discover what Joseph Smith said about the Living Constitution
  • Learn how to remodel your homes into patterns consistent with the Kingdom of God within.
  • Learn about Living plant based foods and how vital they are for cleansing our own selves and generational issues.
  • Discover what has been revealed to mothers regarding how to teach their children with AGENCY and how to prepare their temples and for the temple. 
  • Discover how a small group of youth and mothers can lead a movement to transition communities- to the same pattern revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith with the Home and temples are the main centers of education.
  • Is the change in schedule a window of time to develop Simple Living Centers in neighborhoods??. 
  • Learn the fiscal model given by John for transitioning and tipping communities and learn how it was revealed in the temple.
  • Develop a local economy with neighbors, moving  toward Zion communities and a system in place where the other to fail. 
  • Learn why the continental USA endowed women are called to start this movement and how this was revealed to come from the east. 
  • Learn how your work and faith here can help open the gospel in China. 
  • Explore with us what you are learning about the fulness, and the heavenly Church that is being prepared for this earth and how there are higher positive laws of life, consecration, chastity, obedience... all found in the two great commandments.  (Site editing and construction in progress )

ELder Bednar October 2018 - His first conference Talk. ..

He spoke of the Lord's patterns.

He spoke of having eyes to see and ears to hear. He used a rope with seven colored strains as an example. 

Seven symbols and seven cups were used.

See this talk here.   All the Lord's work "fitley framed and woven together."  Interestingly, President Nelson was awaken last conference just before announcing the new temples, and a Seventh was added by the Lord at the LAST, the India Temple. 

He spoke of the Lord revealing a higher way.

Two ropes for symbolism were used. One with four strains and one with seven. A higher way. 

The Political Kingdom of God and Kingdom of God within...The Church of Jesus Christ

Learn more about the patterns of the Lord. Needed patterns so those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can ask and KNOW. 

With regard to our stewardship in helping communities and with regard to healthy living - that increases our capacity to received revelation, ...this website has come forth in our day... from a David on one side of the veil and a John on the other side of the veil.... preparation for the second coming. The fulness, a heavenly Church, the three Kingdoms working together...  needed for this preparation.

Elder Bednar Dream

Dream of Elder Bednar the came just before the Proclamation

I received a very detailed dream just before confirmation of this work by  the Savior in the Korea Temple in March of 2017. Elder Bednar, in a wheel chair, was addressing a full congregation of Saints that were sitting down in a lower section of a main chapel. Up on the left just above the congregation, I was holding up a simple cut out circle of the world, and he asked, What is that? I said it was a simple way to see the world. He came toward me and by me, with a overweight woman that was dressed like a nurse on his left and a large man (Like a Samoan) on his right, assisting him as he went up the stairs that circled back around to the head of the congregation, but a higher  level than before. He was full of energy and seemed to be getting up with his chair quickly, and those assisting him were burdened by their large bodies, the woman on his left not keeping up and falling behind, and the man on his right, keeping up but struggling to. As he ascended to the top the dream ended. 

There are many messages here for those how may have ears to hear and eyes to see, but one simple message is that the Church is intended to give us direction from above regarding of salvation and needed temple ordinances. In the minutes of the Political Kingdom of God released from the First Presidencies office just three months after sending them the message the Lord gave me, we read in these minutes the Lord said a separate work was revealed to come forth, separate from the Church, UP FROM THE EARTH, and part of the fulness to come before the second coming. This was revealed to me to be  the Political Kingdom of God, and with that has first been revealed keys to the Kingdom of God ...within or our Simple Living Centers  - this name revealed to me by Joseph Smith for our day. 

 In that light it may be helpful to   see why the Church can not say much about this, and why we must make decisions on our own in our path toward a more exalted way of life, guided by our hearts, guided by the charity that we receive from God in that area of our divine temples within us, expanding to all centers of life within us, and purifying us as we prepare for His coming. 

When community comes from what we receive in our hearts

We can begin to discover the Kingdom of God . . . . within....

and move away from a check list, mentality.... 

Proclamation to endowed Women and Men.

Proclamation PDF Signed (pdf)