Joseph Smith came with a message in 2010.

Joseph Smith came with a message in 2010.

Learn of Joseph's message for Endowed Mothers today

aIn the year 2000, I received a powerful witness and vision of a future work that came from  the east and up from the earth, and would help feed nations.  Years later -added  pieces of this puzzle were unfolded to me - One key piece came in  2010, when I felt the presence of Joseph and Emma Smith and was given two key names. Learn how this work is unfolding  - a work God is revealing  to endowed Sisters and youth to help start. A parallel work to the Church, foreseen to come out of the Church.

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Revealed to Joseph

The pattern of openness and integrity in councils.

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On earth as in Heaven

This can happen. A vision given by John for town transition.

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Health and the Kingdom within

Returning to the simple ways of God. Teaching with the hand

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David Andrew Cassani 1956 -

A guided Career.


I have been an active striving member of the Church since I was baptized. I have served in three bishoprics, and generally taught priesthood or youth. I served a mission to Washington DC about a year after joining the Church. I then married a recent convert and Joseph Smith relative through Asael his grandfathers.  We had 5 children and my wife was guided to adopt four from China, I see now in preparation for a work we had coming out of the east. For years, I wondered what the Lord was preparing me for -prompting me to leave one good job after another.  In addition to  experience running temples, colleges, health centers, and then the capitol, I also taught school and was a principal for a lab school run by the council process, and agency based education.  Guidance came over decades, line upon line. I left my career in 2010, being told the names for what I learned years later are the political Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of God within as referred to by the Savior as within each of us.

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Learn how I learned of this work early in life.


Early in my life, it was impressed to me that God's work was simple.  At the age of 17, the first time I read the Book of Revelation, I was take to the other side and shown it was all simple. Years earlier the moment the Book of Mormon was placed in my hands, the spirit told me it was  true. With this work, I can see how it is the most correct book written. During my mission, I was prompted to listen to my body regarding what I ate, and marvelous powers and the Love of God enveloped me for months. I understood the Prophet Joseph's life in a new light. Those looking for the truth were attracted to us and it seemed the work moved to a celestial level and I learned celestial laws.   Other witnesses came early, of a work you can read of  in MY STORY, but young as I was, I cast them off feeling the heavens could not work through such a simple unknown person.

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He that has eyes to see . . .


Compasses, Circles, and Squares are age old symbols. In 2000,  2010, and 2015,  I learned through powerful and quiet witnesses of the Political Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of God within each of us - developing that kingdom within us as part  living in a more exalted state while on this earth - learn ing to have the Presence of God (plural) with us - always. Over time, came the release of the Council of Fifty papers, and I could see Joseph was given this work or fullness, needed before the second coming. It was largely rejected by the Church and people of the day, yet keys were designed into the endowment for future generations to recognize.  He (Joseph) was told of the Living Constitution within each of us, vital for the councils to work.  .... vital for our health, and part of the fullness lost by most the Saints. Joseph was led to symbolically put this in the temple initiatory and endowment, so those with with eyes to see and ears to hear, could discover this in preparation for the second coming.... a work to come from a John on the other side of the veil, and a David on this side of the veil. 

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The Kingdom of God . .

Consider what has been revealed regarding the Kingdom of God within each of us. The Savior taught in parables,  so those seeking could see, and so the agency of those not ready, could be respected. 

A movement foreseen, to be led by mothers teaching their children

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Gather Together in One All Things


ELder Bednar October 2018 - He spoke of the Lord's patterns and for those that have eyes to see, to see.

He spoke of having eyes to see and ears to hear. He used a rope with seven colored strains as an example of decades of changes woven into one whole message, beginning in  1978. As we learn of the Kingdom of God within each one of us, we discover the heart, or breast center of life,  receiving pure and virtuous principles. ... or God's love within bounds that have been given. 

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Seven symbols and seven cups were used.

click here.   All the Lord's work "fitley framed and woven together."  Other reminders of seven have come to us. President Nelson was awaken last conference just before announcing the new temples, and a Seventh was added by the Lord ....the India Temple. Was this  coincidence or a hidden message?


He spoke of the Lord revealing a higher way.

Two ropes for symbolism were used. One with four strains and one with seven. A higher way. 

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The Political Kingdom of God and Kingdom of God within...The Church of Jesus Christ

Learn more about the patterns of the Lord. Needed patterns so those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can ask and KNOW. 

With regard to our stewardship in helping communities and with regard to healthy living - that increases our capacity to received revelation, ...this website has come forth in our day... from a David on one side of the veil and a John on the other side of the veil.... preparation for the second coming. The fulness, a heavenly Church, the three Kingdoms working together...  needed for this preparation.

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Vision and Dreams for this work.


Dream of Elder Bednar in a wheel chair

I received a very detailed dream just before confirmation of this work by  the Savior in the Korea Temple in March of 2017. Elder Bednar, in a wheel chair, was addressing a full congregation of Saints that were sitting down in a lower section of a main chapel, the level of the chapel seemed below ground level.  Up on the left just above the congregation, I was holding up a simple cut out circle of the world, and he asked, What is that? I said it was a simple way to see the world. He came toward me and by me, with a overweight woman that was dressed like a nurse on his left and a large man (Like a Samoan) on his right, assisting him as he went up the stairs that circled back around to the head of the congregation, but a higher  level than before. He was full of energy and seemed to be getting up with his chair quickly, and those assisting him were burdened by their large bodies, the woman on his left not keeping up and falling behind, and the man on his right, keeping up but struggling to. As he ascended to the top the dream ended. 

There are many messages here for those how may have ears to hear and eyes to see, but one simple message is that the Church is intended to give us direction from above regarding of salvation and needed temple ordinances. In the minutes of the Political Kingdom of God released from the First Presidencies office just three months after sending them the message the Lord gave me, we read in these minutes the Lord said a separate work was revealed to come forth, separate from the Church, UP FROM THE EARTH, and part of the fulness to come before the second coming. This was revealed to me to be  the Political Kingdom of God, and with that has first been revealed keys to the Kingdom of God ...within or our Simple Living Centers  - this name revealed to me by Joseph Smith for our day.  

 In that light it may be helpful to   see why the Church can not say much about this, and why we must make decisions on our own in our path toward a more exalted way of life, guided by our hearts, guided by the charity that we receive from God in that area of our divine temples within us, expanding to all centers of life within us, and purifying us as we prepare for His coming. 

On August 20, 2018 I was asked to begin this work


The Church of the Firstborn

The Church of the Firstborn: I was prompted to declare in August 20th, of 2018, the Church of the First Born.  What does this mean I have asked and received a some key experiences. Our spirit and bodies become a compass or tool for more and more revelation, Learn ing to trust that kingdom within is part of our journey in life. In our culture many turn off spiritual emotional relations fearing they may go to far out of bounds.When heaven guides these unions we need to trust in that guidance.  I have experienced connecting with others who are often in the spirit realm and then descend back to this earthly state frequently. They minister from a higher realm to mankind. I testify God's work is simple, it is centered in faith, our relationship with God, and in discovering the seven centers of life within each of us as taught by the Savior himself . .. with the two great commandments. FIND OUT MORE


As one Sister involved in this work once said,  We need monks without monasteries, or Saints that can stand on holy ground, within their temples where ever they may be.  This is coming from the heavens in  preparation for the Savior's return. The Kingdom of God is within us --Trust in the spirit to direct you regarding this work.   If we are  not trusting in inner guidance and God,

Second Comforter.

The second comforter is when the Savior  personally comes and confirms ones calling  in life, or work on the earth.  


As your consecrate your all -your heart  becomes one with God, and your desires will be the same...becoming as the scriptures say, ...sons and daughters of God. Connecting with others happens  as directed by the spirit. 

Divine Union :

Divine unions exist between many adults in the heavens and on earth and do not involve two people but a union between two others guided by revelation from God, or a union with God (male and female) and Heavenly mother . God will direct you in those relations. These relations have a divine purpose for us to discover...are often healing or have to do with our family history.

 I personally had a Jewish Stepmother who I felt closely bonded with or felt an emotional connection as if sealed in the love of God, and sharing a divine purpose we were both called to do, in this case .... bringing forth a way of life on the earth where mankind can live in peace and move beyond conflict and war to provide for basic needs. More of this is found in MY story.

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