See how Simple Living Centers are keys to a new peaceful healthy way of life 

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Town Transition - Inside then Outside.

A green movement coming up from the earth and down from the heavens. 

Alta Vista Education Centers: Founded 1997 By David Cassani

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alta vista Education centers - 3 on line classrooms

Provo - Springville Class For all members of the community


Working for  Provo and Springville communities -  we are launching a grass roots movement to create

  • A new generation of food and energy producing homes & neighborhoods - starting with  neighborhood education centers, called Simple Living Centers.
  • A local low cost or no cost- barter approach to health education and local organic food production- promoting new careers in using living foods for health, healing,  and often our first medicine. Health can be simple. 
  • Another way of life, Town Transition to local Food Systems: A movement for starting  Habitat for Health -with plans to be an international organization networking local Simple Living Centers and working as a sister organization with Habitat of Humanity. Plans are  for communities to build local  Simple Living Centers in interested neighborhoods. See how you can start in your home now. 
  • A local educational-political movement. As part of developing local food based economies - plans are for  neighborhood councils to managed micro-loans to help those in need, support local low cost education, and be part of a town wide fundraising campaign. 

Independence Missouri Class: For endowed sisters and mothers.


  • Plans are to build a retreat, film center and  working organic farm - by immigrants from around the world- gathering ideas for small scale production from around the world.. 

  • Move beyond competition and conflict  to  leadership principles based on a simple teamwork, cooperation, and individual talents 

  • Support mothers and youth in bonding, trust building and transition to a new way of life. 

  • Learn how mothers & youth can lead transition - overcoming  economic fears of life, learning higher levels of trust, and learning key skills in emotional health eduction.

  • Teaching and learning connections between our biography and our biology. tuning into the seven simple living centers. 

Taiwan/China Class: For Chinese and Taiwanese community members


 After a 7 month class in 2017 in Taiwan, plans are to work from Huelian, Taiwan in 2020 and develop Mandarin translations. Language retreats and on line learning will serve  China and  Taiwan youth and parents.


  • Developing peace joy and trust between parents and children by supporting decisions and lessons learned with living foods, early development and the language of simple living centers in the body. 

  • A local low cost or no cost- barter approach to health education and local organic food production- promoting new careers in living foods for health, with organic methods of  food production. (CSA's)

  • How inner peace can guide us to all we need, and the power of the seven simple living centers.


  • An economic model for local neighborhoods - supporting Simple Living Centers, low cost or barter neighborhood  education, and ways to help the needy.. 

two month course for endowed mothers and endowed sisters

Overview is for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-  others may want to  Click here. 

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Joseph and Hyrum Smith and many have witness of this work

 Endowed Sisters: Learn of a separate work from the Church that was foreseen to come before the second coming, led by women,  beginning in our homes,  to help prepare for the second coming.

  • What has been revealed is a way to return to  a simple yet almost lost language of health - peace and joy in the  home  and community, - with keys to increasing your capacity to receive revelation.  Discover a higher - simple way of life where all we need in righteousness comes to us. 

  • Mothers connect more deeply with   youth - emotionally helping to develop their divine nature within, using a simple agency based approach to education  and health..... a language that is virtually lost in today's complexity, confusion,  and economically driven world. (see Jacob 4)

  • Discover the patterns for the three Kingdoms of God, patterns that will help you see all things and discover what the Book of Mormon is the most correct Book. Be part of creating Zion communities, patterned after what Joseph received. Discover a simple neighborhood  economic system revealed for our time. 

  •   Learn what has been revealed for low or no cost neighborhood barter education program for a new generation in health care, food production, and home production. 

  • , Help lead neighborhoods in a way to help those in need . 

Joseph Smith Said ...I have tried for a number of years to get the minds of the Saints prepared to receive the things of God; but we frequently see some of them, after suffering all they have for the work of God, will fly to pieces like glass as soon as anything comes that is contrary to their TRADITIONS: (TPJS <20 Jan 1844> 231) 

Alta Vista Education Centers : 1997 - 2019: David Cassani - Founders Story

 Welcome to this website Sisters. I am brother David Cassani, currently retired and working part time, raising my 6 year old daughter, caring for my 90 year old father, and Mr. Mom you might say.  My wife is a convert from Taiwan, and works full time at an at risk youth center.  This is a brief version of my story. 

After receiving family funds from the Smith family, (relatives of Joseph Smith's grandfather Asael Smith,) my former spouse and I  felt to consecrate these to the Lord, and in 1989 came a vision to me of two buildings joined together,,,, a larger building on the east  joined a smaller facility on the west side . That same year I felt directed to move to Utah - leaving a top career position as a college facility manager --and pursue graduate work at BYU. In 1997, we found this east west facility zoned for a school and  from 97-98 I lead the renovation of these two adjacent neighborhood facilities. We  did extensive remodeling - major  foundation work - joining this "east" and "west" space and adding  a second and third level.  This became the Alta Vista Education Center, where our mission was to suppot parents with more options in education and were a powerful witness came of a millennial work. 

For years, the thought that buildings reflect deeper spiritual truths --returned to me again and again.  I have worked on temple facilities, run a community college facility program, worked in public and private schools, was a director at a mental health center, and later ran operations at the Utah State Capital. The patterns revealed themselves to me, in every setting. Learn of this Alta Vista movement and how the Lord led a work that  joins the east with the west in to one whole vision, --a simple vision for every nation in preparing for the  Savior's return and the calamities of these last days. 

When we started this project - we had no idea this work would lead. The work unfolded over the last twenty years. In 1999, I was intrigued when my  wife was awakened  4 times through the night by someone from the spirit world, and spelled the name of a child to adopt in China, After we returned from China with this little girl, I later, received by the spirit  in the year 2000, for three days, tutoring regarding how to clear stored "history" in our bodies, 

I learned how to have complete emotional integrity and feel places where my stressful history - stored in my body could lead to illness, and pain., and how to access the atonement more fully. Details are in the website, in the two month course below. To  summarize, I realized what was unfolded to me, regarding our spiritual and emotional anatomy - could change entirely how mankind looks a modern medicine, health and a divine power  accessible to all mankind.  The spirit had revealed key connections between our health and our family history. From 2010, to 201 9  more details of a foreseen later day work was unfolded to me, reminding me of witnesses given earlier in my life.  I was in awe, to have unfolded to me a work -I learned was  foreseen as separate from the Church put parallel to it. The spirit impressed upon me to use the word parallel.  I believe Joseph Smith had been shown a similar vision and pattern of - and left for us --ways to have the spirit reveal it to us. This happened just before his life was taken, when the temple endowment being communicated to the Saints. 

This website is not a quick read or academic  exercise. It is a path the spirit unfolds to those who are open and willing to look beyond cultural norms and receive what God intends for them and discover their person work on this earth.  I am  asking you to consider this two month course and consider pledging your support to what has been revealed as a  neighborhood and this grass roots international movement that leads to the transition of entire communities, with a vision for temple building in our millennial age. Learn of this vision given for  building Simple Living Centers in interested neighborhoods and what they can become. This work is key to facing challenges in our time, ...not only for developing local healthy food security for communities , but for transition to a new way of life needed for our time. 

In 2010, two organizational names were  revealed  to me. Learn of witnesses that followed, from  Hyrum, Joseph, John the Revelator, and the Savior himself,.....along with multitudes of others from a foreign land. Let the spirit connect keys between a David on one side of the veil and a John on the other side of the veil - beginning this latter day work. Learn how in 2010, when given two new names for organizations to start for our day, I was directed to complete a business plan for these and given keys pieces of a token fiscal play for this work.  Receiving this work over many years,  I have been shown  how a small group of people - working together -can over several years begin to tip the consciousness of  entire  communities to supporting a new sustainable - common sense way of life.  We encourage your prayerful consideration, and call your to explore how the Lord wants you to help led this work. 

Sincerely, your brother and servant in this cause. David A. Cassani

Two month course for Mothers to help their youth deal with i

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Restoring community

Transition Town - Transition Streets

The community solution

The Community Solution:  How Cuba survived the energy crisis.  How will the world survive an economic, environment or political crisis?

Simple Living Centers

TransitionTown2019-15b (pdf)


Homes for Health

Here are a few seeds 

for developing  new local neighborhood economies that we hope to connect  around the world.

1, In time Habitat for Health will support town wide fundraising of $3 per person token donation, to build Simple Living Centers in local communities that support local healthy food production.

2. 90% of neighborhood funds go to local Neighborhood councils  for home processing/production, neighborhood gardens,  or local Community supported agriculture.  CSA's

3. A second token donation of thirty cents a month  goes to Homes for Health to improve educational tools, connect with resources worldwide, and fund raise for communities campaigns .

Simple Living Centers

1. Seeds of a new local economy: Councils decide on  volunteered neighborhood funds of $3/month a person.

2. Seeds of a new low cost or no cost education: Neighborhood/worldwide education supporting  parents (primarily mothers and women) to teach their youth - When workshops are needed - using a dollar a day  donation for 8 weeks or--- for those who can not pay they may barter work traded for some needs of homes or neighborhoods.

3. Seeds to help the poor. A neighborhood managed micro- loan program to help those in need.

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