Town Transition that starts from the Inside.

A grass roots movement to start by women.

Alta Vista Education Centers: Founded 1997 By David Cassani

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alta vista Education centers - three classrooms

Transition Town Utah Classroom


Working for  Provo and Springville communities -  we are launching a grass roots movement to create

  • A new generation of food and energy producing homes & neighborhoods - starting with  neighborhood education centers, called Simple Living Centers.
  • A local low cost or no cost- barter approach to health education and local organic food production- promoting new careers in living foods for health,  with organic methods of  food production. (CSA's)
  • A movement for starting  Habitat for Health -with plans to be an international organization networking local Simple Living Centers and working as a sister organization with Habitat of Humanity. Plans are to build local  Simple Living Centers interested neighborhoods.
  • As part of developing local food based economies plans are for  neighborhood councils to be trained to managed micro-loans to help those in need.   

Independence Missouri Classroom


  • Plans are to build a retreat =film center -working farm - to inspire simple approaches to health and food production for small scale production. 
  • Move beyond competition and conflict  to  leadership principles for a higher simple honorable way  of life 
  • Support mothers and youth learning as they transition to a new way of life. 
  • Learn how mothers & youth can lead transition - overcoming  economic fears of life, learning key skills in emotional health eduction and engaging in a spiritual journey where we are guided to all we need- discovering the power of the  seven Simple Living Centers within each of us.
  • Developing the three - Alta Vista Education Centers classrooms

Taiwan/China Classroom


 Plans are Working from Huelian expanding what started in  Xihu Taiwan. Language retreats and on line learning serving China and  Taiwan:  learning to create

  • The key to all languages found in connecting our emotions and bodies in healthy ways. 
  • A local low cost or no cost- barter approach to health education and local organic food production- promoting new careers in living foods for health, with organic methods of  food production. (CSA's)
  • How inner peace can guide us to all we need, and the power of the seven simple living centers. 
  • Developing neighborhood food based economies plans using  neighborhood councils, with the 2 part economic approach to  food production, low cost education, and  helping neighbors in need.  . 

Alta Vista Education Centers - A Home Centered or Home Church Movement

Centers that begin in our homes, extend to our neighborhoods and unite eastern and western cultures

  • Return to  a simple language of health - peace and joy in the  home  and community

  • Learn a language -  lost in today's complexity, confusion,  and economically driven world

  • Be part of creating another economic system and another approach to health using living foods. 

Alta Vista Education Centers : 1997 - 2019: David Cassani - founder

 In 1989 came a vision of two buildings (workshop garages)  joined together,,,, a larger building on the east  joined a smaller facility on the west side . Years later, we found such a site and  in 1997 we did extensive remodeling - major  foundation work - joining this eastern and western space and adding  a second and third level. For years, the thought that buildings reflect deeper spiritual truths returned to me again and agin. 

This is were we started a  building that we had no idea would become a symbol  for a new higher - simple way of life. So many are running into one wall, then another - frustrated...yet a simple door has opened to another way. Leaders are awakening to such a life and many are following them.  Typically 1-3 % of the population are those gifted leaders who bring us to a new way of life. If you sense that calling in your life, we are seeking those leaders to train and serve your needs as you help others. 

Leaders join together to learn together  how a small group of people can over 3-10 years tip the consciousness of  communities to supporting a new way of life.  

Restoring community

Transition Town - Transition Streets

The community solution

The Community Solution:  How Cuba survived the energy crisis.  How will the world survive an economic, environment or political crisis?

Simple Living Centers

TransitionTown2019-15b (pdf)


Homes for Health

Here are a few seeds 

for developing  new local neighborhood economies that connects around the world.

1," Homes for Health" will support town wide fundraising of $3 per person.

2. 90% of neighborhood funds goes to local Neighborhood councils  for home processing/production, neighborhood gardens or local Community supported agriculture.  CSA's

3. Thirty cents a month or 10% of the donations goes to Homes for Health to improve educational tools, connect with resources worldwide, and do fundraising and grant writing campaigns.

Simple Living Centers

1. Seeds of a new local economy: Councils decide on  volunteered neighborhood funds of $3/month a person.

2. Seeds of a new low cost or no cost education: Neighborhood education supporting  parents (primarily mothers and women) to teach their youth - When workshops are needed - using a dollar a day  donation for 8 weeks or--- for those who can not pay they may barter work traded for some needs of homes or neighborhoods.

3. Seeds to simple ways to help the poor. A neighborhood managed micro- loan program to help those in need.

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