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One small Voice- Learning of the Kingdom of God within

With your desires for true messengers, this video helps you invite  the spirit to feel more deeply...and receive all God has for you. If you choose to learn more -we invite you to ask  to have  eyes to see,  ears to hear. and a heart open to receive. The Savior has asked us to seek  first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.  Could that mean that the  Kingdom "within" is  another layer of understanding of what we are to seek first? 


Simple Living Centers are three words given by revelation in April of 2010, for teaching how or by what principles the Kingdom of God "within" works. Knowing this is key to the political Kingdom of God - revealed to Joseph Smith, a work foreseen to come forth as separate  from the Church but PARALLEL to it by a David in the last days before the Saviors return. This "Kingdom within" is also key to our health and increasing our capacity to receive personal revelation- understanding the fulness, and  the keys to our family history within us. It is key to understanding Jacob's ladder, - and how are biography becomes of biology... or some say  - how we are reborn to new levels and awakened to our work on the earth.

 This is a work foreseen to come during politically turbulent times to prepare us, to help us return to the simple ways of life, and to give us clarity regarding three layers of meaning in the temple for the Kingdom of God, layers of meaning that help mothers prepare their children for the temple and learn to live by personal revelation.

  •     Central, is the Kingdom of God within, for our time-- to be  called Simple Living Centers. They are - an organization or network as some say, of seven centers within us, symbolically taught in the temple, ....spiritual emotional centers often called chakras in the east, connected to one another, connected to all mankind, and to the heavens and earth, connected in councils as we pursue the work of God and building Zion communities.  Joseph called this kingdom within,  the Living Constitution within or what I was revealed is our our spiritual emotional anatomy - a key to our rebirth and connecting with the heavenly Kingdom of God. This is in scriptural terms, - the Fullness as revealed by John in D&C 93. A Fullness that will increase your capacity to receive revelation, and magnify your ability to pray and serve others - as you ask for and receive the gift of charity. This is a way to more fully  receive personal inspiration  vital for these latter-days - not only to prepare for the second coming of the Savior, but for living in the Presence of God now - during times of trial and testing.

 In this website ... 

  •      Learn why historical evidence of a latter-day Davidic servant or leader was not released to the Church historical department until 2010--  from the First Presidencies office. Was this timing coincidental? Learn why the Lord wants all the world to NOW know of a separate - yet parallel work called the Political Kingdom of God and how it was foreseen to be set up prior to the second coming.
  •      Learn how you can increase your capacity to receive revelation by listening within to seven divine centers, discovering your family history within, and then creating  Simple Living Centers in  your home and community  by personal revelation and by revelation to  councils.
  • Learn how Jacob's ladder, and DNA are key ideas, and how our daily decisions regarding our Simple Living Centers are more powerful than our unhealthy genetics. How our decisions and living foods can enable a new genetic power - and unfold a new generation of sons and daughters of God ---, blessing you and your posterity- through all generations of time and throughout all eternity. 

      This is a work you can begin living through quiet example with your children and neighbors. Understanding the power of example and attraction as found in D & C 121  are key to this work.

  •        All endowed women and their youth, are called to consider leading  this work around the world. Explore the message of Isaiah with inspired scholars, consider covenants you have made to lead,  covenants that will bring heaven's blessing to you. I testify this work is not of man, and solemnly have been asked by the spirit to proclaim this work. I have been given  blessings that  miracles small and large will accompany this work, that President Monson would help me, and I been visited by the Savior himself - enveloped in His love as I was called as HIs Servant.  This work is not of man, it is NOT endorsed by the Church for wise reasons, as this work needs to unfold with our  personal relationship and guidance from  God and our ancestors who are engaged in this.

     This is a work that can transform your health, your home, how you eat and feed your children with principles of agency ... a work that will help transition a community, a work to establish a simple local economic order  that has been revealed by John the revelator -- a work so important - that when the world systems fails apart over a short period of time, ...there will be those who have trimmed their lamps, that have  filled their vessels within, such that this  work that can establish new Zion communities - assisting all, that there are no poor among us. A work to lay a foundation for building neighborhood temples throughout the world  now,  a work that shows how a small group of endowed women and youth - can lead a movement to tip the consciousness of entire communities to a new way of life. 

  • I welcome your contributions and correction in keeping this a parallel work to the Church- not a work in the religious realm of ordinances for salvation and exaltation, but a work led by Kings and Queens or communities leaders needed in our day to bring a fulness of life. I testify this calling has come from the Savior himself - to an obscure David in our time -- to assist and be God's servant in returning to the simple ways of God.  Please read my story in this website. 

Sincerely your Servant in this cause. Brother David Cassani. 

Take No Thought of Tomorrow

One key to living in the higher state is to let go of fear, learning to live with an ongoing conversation with God. It is really simple.  Experience a spirit led life.  Learning to live in the moment, and Presence of God a simple way to be with Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.  He will never leave you.  See ye first the Kingdom of God. 

Audio Introduction from Founder: David Cassani

Introduction 2 (mp3)


Simple keys to Health, -a new economy - a new way of life

Town Transition

This is a vision given for transition to another way of life, in preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ. This is also about a spiritual journey and seeds for developing another economic  way of life. Based on trust in the simple ways of God, revealed - the Political Kingdom of God - working with the Kingdom of God within - and started by those endowed from the Church (the ecclesiastical kingdom of God) ... revealed by John the Revelator - to a mortal David in our day,--  showing us how a small percentage of the population, - endowed women and youth - are awakening ... to  a movement that can transition entire  communities, tipping the consciousness of communities to local- healthy food producing homes and neighborhoods- Zion communities - helping those in need. A needed - and welcome new way of life. -creating the seeds for needed neighborhood economies as other economies struggle.   A work foreseen anciently in Ezekiel 34? A work foreseen to come during politically turbulent times. A work foreseen to come out of the Church, and Judah, yet be separate from the Church. A simple work foreseen to be missed by many in the Church, much as many missed the Saviors message in HIs Time on earth.

Simple Living Centers

Discovered and revealed - beginning in the year 2000 - to an obscure  latter day David -  with key pieces and witnesses coming personally from both Joseph Smith, Emma, and  from Hyrum Smith.       As revealed - this starts with learning about inner transition, in divine centers of our spiritual emotional anatomy - often called chakras in the east - and as revealed - are to be called Simple Living Centers  in our day - or what Joseph called our Living Constitution within our councils. This work  unfolds into creating neighborhood councils for managing  homes of simple living food health education, of energy and living food production - a new vision for politics and emotional health education -- Working model homes for neighborhoods helping parents use simple living foods for awakening to new levels of health- healing and needed personal revelation.- New working models of agency education, using the arts as keys to re-skilling our communities to another way of life.

A new way of Life: West Meets East

Learn about this economic plan, I received from John, the same John that remains on the earth in a translated form to prepare the world for the second coming. I testify with my wife and Counselor Chris Caldwell of this work, and solemnly testify I have been called by a visit from the Savior himself to be a servant  for the people -- called to start Habitat for Health in the USA - to assist in time - in transitioning interested communities around the world.  

 I was given instruction and an economic  vision for how those who consecrate their all - in counsel with their Bishops --can begin a movement -leading to  future neighborhoods --building facilities - vital in re-skilling our communities  now - facilities - that I have been instructed - are to be built - that they may be turned into neighborhood temples - faciliities to teach our spiritual emotional anatomy within or Kingdom of God within. Facilities teaching another way of life -with a simple economic plan to help us organize to  care for those in need and fuel a new age in education and home life working together.  An educational and neighborhood political movement that can happen anywhere in the world, according our your faithfulness - and as I learned from Church history - was foreseen to come out of the Church, be separate from it, yet spread throughout the world as systems of the world struggle.  

Witnesses of this work

Witnesses Of This Work (mp3)


Message for Bishops

Audio Messages For Bishops (mp3)


Will the general church membership embrace this?

Prophets tell that the gentiles or Church members today will largely reject this work as the Jews rejected the simplicity of Christ. Though many have received witnesses of this work, this work was foreseen to be rejected by most. Isaiah foresaw that many from the east will come forth with this work- helping to prepare and establish Zion communities. We are  making preparations for translations into Mandarin at this time.  July 2018. 

About this grass roots movement - Led by revelation to you

Updates that may be of Interest:

East and West: Joseph received keys that were not understood

A New Way of Life: A work that can begin now in our homes.

The unfolding of the political kingdom of God

Three Parallel Kingdoms - I was shown the symbolism in the temple is simple.

The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that "the throne and kingdom of David is to be taken from him and given to another by the name of David in the last days, raised up out of his lineage" (TPJS, p. 339. 1. Learn how this work came out of his lineage. 

The Political Kingdom of God - the Kingdom of God within - the Ecclesiastical Kingdom of God:  

Symbolically, the east and west or left and right...come together within us. Three - parallel - kingdoms.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the kingdom of God on the earth, but it is at present limited to an ecclesiastical kingdom. During the Millennium, the kingdom of God will be both political and ecclesiastical.  ...  In Church history we learn the political kingdom of God would be set up during political turbulent times, before the second coming and would be SEPARATE from the Church. Joseph set up seeds of it in his day, but the Living Constitution was not understood. This  has been revealed, just what that is for this work. 

"I have tried for a number of years to get the minds of the Saints prepared to receive the things of God; but we frequently see some of them, after suffering all they have for the work of God, will fly to pieces like glass as soon as anything comes that is contrary to their traditions."

Joseph Smith, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith, p. 520.

"We should not expect the church as an organization to teach or tell us all of the things we need to know and do to become devoted disciples and endure valiantly to the end."

David A. Bednar; "Increase in Learning", pg. 1

Leadership can be lonely. Perhaps one or two families in each ward may start to embrace this. Be sensitive to those not inclined and let the spirit guide. Many are called but few are chosen, 

If you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.  Gandhi

"Revelation is scattered among us, and when we put that revelation together, we see more." S. Aburto

Joseph's last dreams... LINK

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Foreseen for the last days? The ark and rainbow for our day?

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This website: A resource for mothers to teach their youth

Key connections between our temple and the temple--between a language of health and the simple language of life.

A grass roots movement for Town Transition-

Growing roots for the Political Kingdom of God

The Lord has taken many years to reveal this work to me. This is nothing I have created or had ambition for. As my life has unfolded I have learned I am to serve the world in this way.  If you feel, share this with just one or two families each month. Those you feel prompted to. - As we have near 150,000 supporters, plans are to formalize a governing board and develop a local and international food system - as revealed- to be called Habitat for Health. 

Founder David Cassani Provo, UT

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